Saturday, April 2, 2011

Viimenen hiihtokerta tälle keväälle...

My breakfast! It was so delicious but also very healthy :)

I skied 20km today, a new record♥♥
But I decided not to go skiing this spring anymore, because the snow has melted so much that it's hard to ski... And also, if I stop now, it feels so good to start skiing again next winter :)
I didn't find Skikes, they said I should try again in a month... So I bought a new running jacket, pants and athletic shoes instead! Maybe you noticed already, I'll start jogging/running now! I haven't ever really liked it but maybe my attitude will change :D


  1.!??!?!?!?! O_O

  2. That's freaking unbelievable! I guess Finland is really cold, huh? What's the temperature in the summer?

  3. Yeah, but the snow is melting all the time now :) Yesterday it was even 7C!!
    In the summer.. It depends a bit, from 15 to 30 so it isn't really cold in the summer :)