Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweden 2007, part 2/2

More and more churches, Sweden was full of beautiful ones! (No offense to Finnish churches, they're beautiful too ;)

A rare photo, this is me when I was 12! I look like a boy but so what :D

Sweden... or Finland? Both of them in the same picture! It's taken in Finland but that place over the river is Sweden. We visited both Finnish and Swedish cities around Torniojoki (the most ''important'' city of our trip was Luleå, but I have no photos from there, sorry...). 
A view from Aavasaksa hill in Finland. It's only 242 metres high but the view was nice! Sweden is still across the river :)

A church in... I can't remember where it was, but a nice church anyway. I could tell the course of our trip now: starting from Oulu to Luleå, then Boden, Överkalix, Kalix, Haparanda, Tornio, Övertorneå and back to Oulu.

Fishermen in Kukkolankoski/Kukkolaforsen. We visited Finland's side of the river too, but these photos are taken in Sweden's side. The fishing style they're using is lippoaminen, I think it has no translation in English. However, we watched them fishing for a loooong time, it was so fun to watch! I have tried it too, we have a lippo (it's kinda like net bag) at home, too :D

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