Monday, April 18, 2011

Sekasekakuvia ja sekasekatekstiä

Sorry for these random photos in this post... I must write very quickly so forgive me ;)
Today was an ordinary but busy day as usual: 1st lesson chemistry (our exam is on wednesday, chapters 1-6 but today our teacher said there won't be any questions about chapter 6 in it... !"#!"¤#%"# I HAD STUDIED THAT CHAPTER SO WELL!!!!!), 2nd lesson the nationwide English exam and 3rd lesson geography ( I just talked the whole hour with my friends...). AAAND I almost forgot, sports on the 4th lesson. Then I came home and here I ammmmmm, writing stupid things to my blog... Okay actually I'm planning to do a looooot of sports today, cycling 20km and jogging 5km! Wish me luck ;D
It happened again: I thought I had something VERY IMPORTANT to say but I forgot... Sorry! Oh anyway, hopefully you all had a veeeery lovely dayy ;)

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