Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foodfoodfood and tennis

Something very suspicious isn't it? It was my first attempt to try TVP (textured vegetable protein) instead of meat! That bread on the left side is Karjalanpiirakka and the potato is just... a potato. But that beef is what we're focusing on now! There is for example beetroot, TVP and parsley in it so it's kinda healthy! And it was delicious, too :) 

And then, the next suspicious thing! It looks like French fries, but it has no potato in it!! I used Swedish turnips/rutabagas/yellow turnips or whatever you want to call them. 

And here comes the last suspicious thing! Buckthorn porridge! You know, buckthorn is super healthy, but in my opinion they don't taste so good, so I was just a bit tentative when I bought that packet of porridge. And yeah, as you can see on the left, the porridge looks a bit strange... But the taste isn't bad at all, especially with banana slices (as shown below), it's very good! And it's organic, that's always a biiiig plus ;D

And some kind of announcement to the end: I stopped taking tennis lessons! Actually it was several months ago but I didn't remember to tell you guys. As tennis is one of my biggest passions, I would have wanted to continue playing, but got some argument with my friend and the tennis club. Well, I'm waiting for the summer even more and more, free tennis courts on the city where our summer cottage is located♥♥
Oh I almost forgot, another announcement: About 4700 people have visited my blog now, so 5000 is really close! I could make some kind of special post, any ideas?


  1. Oh my gosh these are great photos and make me hungry. I'm a vegetarian and still haven't mastered the TVP. Have you tried seitan?

  2. interesting foods indeeed!I'm just guessing, is textured vegetable protein made from beans??The foods on pictures look really delicious, and e-x-o-t-i-c!*g* FYI I'm vegetalian :)

    Can everyone join the tennis club,or,just for your school students??

    summer cottage ..sounds so lovely!! xD

    aand...special post...about your passion for favourite stuff?? I can't come up with good ideass

    x Sinley