Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kevättakki ja kevätkengät

Have I introduced my new spring jacket and shoes before? Well, here they are! Both from H&M, jacket 30€ and shoes 10€ (still saving money for Berlin...). Anyway, I like them as simple as they are :)

My ryegrass has grown so well! Who's the best gardener everrrr..?


  1. Love it! ♥
    happy easter for u too!
    kisses :)

  2. thank u for comm,
    and i like ur photos so much!!
    they're so cute pictures depend on ur hands.

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  4. The grass looks so spring-like :D
    Happy easter~
    It's about 26 degrees around here and I'm melting D:
    How is it there?

  5. Sanne: Thanks!! And happy Easter to you too ;)
    Wow, 26, that sounds awesome!!! We still have snow here but the temperature outside is hotter every day, even more than 15 degrees :D