Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Probably one of the best pics I've taken this summer. I'm the worst gardener ever (at least I TRY!), but these flowers need nothing at all... Just rain! I don't even need to water them ;)

(Photo from the day I graduated, before it started to rain)
What have I been doing lately?
11.6. Visited our summerhouse because I had a free day from work
12.6. A short work day, from 14 to 17, only 3 hours! Tennis after work
13.6. Work 9.30-15.30. Nothing else, just wooooork!
14.6. Work 9.30-15.30 again... And tennis ;)

Moomin/Muumi cookies! I LOVE THEM♥

My summer holiday plans?
15.6. FREE DAYYY!!!! Just gonna relaxxxx ;)
16.6 Work 9.30-15.30 and 16.00 meet-up! Only 30mins time to change my clothes, find some food (the most important! I don't eat at work so I've been starving for at least 6 hours haha...) and ride my bike to Tivoli! Busy busy busy! I don't even need to mention that I'll look absolutely terrible after work ;)
17.6. Work 15-21
18-19.6. NO WOOORK♥ Going to our summerhouse!
20.6. Work 15-21
21.6. The last day at work, and at night we'll drive to our another summerhouse, which we rent for a week every summer!
22-25.6. In our another summerhouse, meeting the friends I was in Spain with :)
26.6. At home again, a Korean friend of mine will arrive and stay till 4th of July. Also an English relative will visit us some day!
3.8. Remember when I told of becoming a volunteer worker for the Red Cross? My first ''job'' will be on that day, I'm going to work on a childrens' summercamp, maybe just playing with them or something... But hopefully that'll be a lot of fun!


  1. Great pics ! And nice plans too :)
    Have a great summer !

  2. MUUMI KEKSIT = ♥ !!

  3. Wow, wonderful!
    I don't know if you're a worst gardener, but you surely are a good photographer! Very nice!

  4. Jereme V: thanks, have a great summer as well:)
    crt: NIIMPÄ! kesäpäivän pelastus!!
    Mandy: i'm not that good, but thank you so much♥

  5. Wonderful photos!
    the blue sky is loved:^)

  6. thankyouuu! i love the blue sky as well :)