Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Outfit from the day when I stayed at home because of illness... Those pants are from the flea market and they cost only 10€!! Nice price wasn't it? :)

My ''new'' ski boots! I bought them weeks ago but forgot to post the pictures... I always have problems with shoes because my feet are quite small, 35-38. Normally I buy my shoes in size 37 but this time I couldn't find that size anywhere so I bought 38 which is too big. But maybe it's better than nothing, at least these ones were cheap compared to other available ski boots! They cost 100 something while the other boots were even 200 :D

Haha by the way, today was such a lovely day, 20C outside so I took a loooong walk! And after that I took another walk with my grandmother♥:)


  1. I like your outfit ♥

  2. Kiitti!! Määki ihan tykkäsin, kerranki tommonen rento asu! Harmi vaan että en päässy ees kouluun asti tuo päällä ku kaadoin mehua noille housuille... niin mun tuuria :D

  3. Haha, voi ei! :''D
    No mutta parempi onni ensi kerralla, haha. ^_^