Monday, April 4, 2011

Kurkkukarkkia ja ruokaaaa!

Spanish and Korean throat candy! They were both really good but I'm still having a cold :(

A strange mixture of noodles, egg, meat and cucumber... It was good!

Salmon salad, one of my favorite foods♥♥

Some ''normal'' salad

And candy from Japan! I love KitKat, they're so hard to find in Finland... Okay okay, I loved them all, thank you so much, Kenji :)


  1. Woaaaa~!
    So much foreign food! :O
    We have loads of kitkat's, in almost every shop :3
    But we don't have those cute things on them D:
    So now you're really sportive+healthy :') (well, if you don't start to eat all those candies and stay with the salads xD)

  2. REALLY??? WOWWW LUCKY YOOOOU! In my hometown only one shop sells them and it's like 7km away from my house :(
    Haha I shared those candies with my parents... So maybe I'm almost healthy :DDD

  3. If you want I can send some to you, along with 'stroopwafels' (some kind of waffle with sirop which we almost eat every day, very popular in Holland) :D