Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red or orange?

I don't wear earrings that often, but I saw these and liked them. And the price was only 5€!!

I really needed some shoes for walking, and I didn't know which color to choose, so I bought white Converse. It was probably a bad idea, since the shoes are not white anymore...

Today's outfit. I guess it's quite noticeable which color I'm into now... But is it red or orange?

PS. Going to Helsinki tomorrow :)!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The vacation starts officially on the 2nd of June, but I have two free days and on saturday I'll just pick up some papers at school. I celebrated the end of the 1st high school year with a healthy salad.. Sounds really dull, no?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The last exams!!

2 done, 3 left... I wish i was on vacation already!! The good thing about this is the fact that it's warm enough to study outside now! I got sunburns already, even if I had +50 sunlotion on... Suntan, here I come!! :p

Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm on a little vacation now- 4 days with no school at all!! But I should study because the first exam will be held on Thursday... But that's the last exam week before my summer holidays! June the 2nd, I'm waiting..... So awesome :)

About my summer plans, I'll be completely free till 19th of June. Just going to the beach and eating strawberries for a few weeks ;) On June 19th I go to Keuruu in western Finland with my family. We'll spend the midsummer there, and on 25th of June I go to Espoo (the city next to Helsinki) to attend a summer high school for a month. It's kind of a camp, but I'll be able to pass 6 courses there. It's really much in my opinion, because normally I pass 7-8 courses in two months. The camp ends on 20th of July, and I'll have 20 days of holidays left. I'll probably spend those days in Helsinki to get to know the place a bit better before the school starts. IF I get accepted to that school of course :p

About the pic, the glass thing is a body lotion from my friend (thanks:) and the magazines are just random ones I bought a while ago.

As I told before, I'm on holidays now... But because I'm a lazy student, I didn't feel like studying today. So I went shopping. I bought some stuff that I really needed, like new bikini for the summer, and shoes as well :) Note to self: shopping in high heels is a bad idea. Always a bad idea. My poor feet are dying... Oh anyway, after shopping I went to visit my grandma♥ We spent about two hours talking, and I got to eat all the delicious foods she made... Yummy!!

Ps. I need some motivation to study for all the exams!!! I feel like burning all my school books... Or moving to Hawaii.
Pspsspss. I got some new followers! Thank you sooooo much♥♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tule tule hyvä kesä

Look at my skin color!! I have tried to spend a lot of time outside but I haven't succeeded on my Great Tanning Plan. YET!

I bought some new nailpolish since my nails are a bit longer than before! For about ten years I had to keep my nails really short because of playing the piano, so I'm not used to have longer nails at all. Even if my nails are not LONG yet, just longER than before ;)

And some healthy food! Yum yum yum, what could be better than fresh berries?? Brought all the way from The Netherlands so they're probably not that fresh anymore though... Can't wait for the summer!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The last Tokyo post for a while!

I guess I've posted most of the photos I took during my trip to Tokyo now. More to come when I'll travel again!!
 So, as I haven't been posting that many recent post lately, I think I'm almost 6 months late with many posts... So my "recent" posts won't be that recent anymore :D

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sorry for bad pics... Taken on my cellphone as usual. Like I've told here already, I was in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, on Tuesday.

It was such a quick visit in order to complete an entrance exam and participate in an interview held by the school I'm applying for. I didn't have time to take photos on my camera because I was on a hurry almost all the time. Luckily I got to see almost all the important sights of Helsinki on my way to the school and back to the airport :)

The other pics are just random, but that bird stuff is something that I bought at the airport. You know, the world championships of ice hockey are being held in Helsinki and Stockholm right now, and I love ice hockey so of course I wanted a souvenir of some kind!! The shop sold some basic stuff like caps and scarves in blue&white but when I saw a hoodie with the Hockeybird in it, I knew I had to buy it...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liisa fysiikkamaassa

A notebook that I bought in Korea during my trip. Cute isn't it? I use it in physics lessons because I needed some motivation... What could be a better study motivation than a cute notebook??

Recently: The trip to Helsinki went quite well, I didn't get lost and the exam wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be :) Too bad I didn't take photos there... But I'm sure you guys will get enough Helsinki posts when I move there in July/August! And by the way, I'll spend one of my two summer vacation months studying... I applied for a summer high school that will last a month beginning from the midsummer. That means I don't have to take so many courses next year as I'll complete 6(!!!!!) during the summer. Not bad, not bad.... :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


As I told before, I had a fever during my trip in Seoul and Tokyo... I'm not sure how bad my condition was, because I didn't buy a thermometer, but I know I had a fever (or is it normal to feel cold even when the temperature in the room is +30C and I'm sleeping under 3 blankets..?:D)... Luckily they sold some medicine in convenience stores (unlike here in Finland, I have never even seen such medicine here!!!!). There was no text in English, just that "self medication" but at least I felt better after taking that medicine :D
Anyway, since I felt better, I decided to go to Ebisu (it's difficult to remember which one is Ebisu and which one is Yebisu because Yebisu was written all over Ebisu... Got it?) to see a photography museum. But it was closed :s I took a little walk around Ebisu and then went to Harajuku which was very close.

Harajuku on an early Tuesday morning... Not so bad, last time when I was there, it was Sunday... Harajuku was a bit too crowded then, but on a Tuesday it was just fine. At least it was easy to find all the nice places, just needed to follow the others :D

The last time I had eaten crepes was two years ago (in exactly the same place!!), but the taste was as good as before:)!

And after a long day of walking... I mean, shopping, I went back to my hotel via 7-eleven. The food is so cheap, and the packages are so cute...:) Too bad the 7-eleven near my hotel was really small, and there were no supermarkets around, so most of my meals consisted of instant noodles/tea or sandwiches/juice. I know, not so healthy, but at least I drank those vitamin drinks :p

My feet are fine (or actually not fine, but it's a long story, and they're basically fine because I can walk;). I've been quite busy because of all that school stuff as always... And on Tuesday I'll go to Helsinki for an entrance exam!! Hopefully it'll go well, as I really really really want to go to that school I'm applying for! ++ I found a nice apartment, or should I say, house, in Helsinki♥

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Foot injury

I'm in hospital now, waiting for my turn.. Some problems with my left foot again :s

Ps. Angry Birds soda, how awesome is that???

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I took a long walk today, 2 hours!! At first I was planning to go to gym, but I forgot the locker key home.. A long walk like that can be nice as well:) Too bad it's late now and I still haven't done my homework...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I love spring:) But where's the summer? It's 1st of May already and there's still snow outside... Last week some people even XC-skied here in Oulu!!