Thursday, April 7, 2011


No more sweets for me, please! I bought a huge box of candy (which was really delicious of course..) but started to feel so sick after eating that I decided to stop eating junk food until 25th of May (Guess why exactly 25th? I'll go to Berlin then!). In Finnish we use the word ''herkkulakko'', which means literally ''delicacy strike'' to describe that somebody doesn't eat unhealthy foods for certain time... And if somebody thinks I want to lose weight or something, it's not about that! I have just started to feel very sick after eating unhealthy food recently so maybe it's better to try something new and see if it works!
So, here are the prohibited foods:
- Candy
- Cookies
- Soft drinks
- Juices with added sugar
- Hot chocolate
- Ice cream
- Turkey fillet (I don't know why I feel so sick after eating them..)
- Pastry
- Hamburger
- French fries
- Cereal (Not that I'd eat them anyway, we never buy cereal ^^')
- Pizza (Homemade pizza might be ok, let's see later if I have the patience to make pizza at home :)
I guess that was enough... So, let's move to the foods I try to eat more:
- Nuts, you know, good fats!
- Seeds
-  Yoghurts because they have good lactic acid bacteria
- Fish
- Milk
I also want to try some new foods that I have never tried before, so I'll keep you guys informed :)


  1. I PARTICIPATE! Well...I'll try :D I shall not eat anything unhealthy, and when I do I have to tell it to KATA (the terror...xD)...ITS GONNA BE SOOOO FREAKING HARD D:

  2. YAYYY! Now I don't have to try to be healthy alone :DDDD