Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some things I ate this week

It's so sunny outside but the temperature is still in -2C! Hopefully the weather will get warmer soon, I want to go jogging ;)


  1. Woah I don't recognize any of the dishes! O_O That first one looks yummy, what's in it?
    I'm doing quite good with my healthy intentions! But not so good...that I'll eat...raw...vegetables...yuck... xD

  2. Haha that's probably because they're not ''real'' dishes, I just make some random foods ;D
    The first one is porridge with apple, margarine and cinnamon! It's very yummy indeeeeeed!
    You can't eat raw vegetables??? Really?? Like... SERIOUSLY? They're so delicious in my opinion, especially cucumber and carrots :p

  3. OKOK...sometimes I eat cucumber...but those are rare occasions xD And we never really ate carrots, so I'm not used to the taste of it :[ I'll stick to fruit :3

  4. Really?? But carrots are like... supersupersupersupersuperyummy, you should try them :DDD