Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokyo DisneySea

Sorry for not posting travel photos from Japan for such a long time! This time I'll post about the Disney resort in Chiba, near Tokyo. The train to the resort was just too cute, I wish we had trains like this in Finland too... (To Finnish people: VR taitaa olla aikalailla noiden vastakohta:)

LEFT: Mediterranean Harbor, we ate in a restaurant there
RIGHT: American Waterfront

Mermaid Lagoon! Too bad we didn't see Ariel, but we saw Eric there :D

LEFT: Arabian Coast
RIGHT: American Waterfront (Tower of Terror)

At night... Sorry for bad photos, the scenery was awesome and beautiful but it doesn't look so good in the photos :(
I liked Tower of Terror, Aquatopia, StormRider, Raging Spririts, The Magig Lamp Theater and all the others too, but my absolute favorite was Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Crystal Skull!! It was just too awesome and funny!!!!!

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