Monday, April 11, 2011

Mina nya skor

My new shoes, you can see the brand from the picture... Aaaand... THEY WERE TOO EXPENSIVE! 59€ and they're not even comfortable to walk! But I really really really needed new shoes for the summer..

My outfit from Friday! Top and tights are from H&M (bye bye favorite tights, I managed to break them..).The cardigan is from YesStyle and shoes are the ones introduced before :)


  1. THEY'RE SO FREAKING CUTE! But my mom has forbidden me to buy anymore shoes that aren't comfortable :[ But don't you have an extra hard time walking those things in your country...with snow...

  2. Aaaaa, rakastuin sun kenkiis ♥

  3. Sanne: I agree! But I wish I had bought more comfortable and cheap shoes instead :p

    crt: itekki, ihan mielissään noista! kuhan vaan niillä ois ees vähäsen mukavampi kävellä nii ois ihan ykkössuosikkikengät :D