Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Oulu-Helsinki plane... Nothing special really, just cloudy weather and some lakes.

In Helsinki-Vantaa airport... We had just booked the Helsinki-Istanbul flight and were waiting for it to depart :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

(That pastry was just too delicious AND cheap, only 1TL =  0,50€)
I arrived back home today at 2am and slept until 11am... And didn't go to school, what a bad student! Well it would have been a waste of time anyway because I can't concentrate on anything when I'm tired. I'll start to post the photos from Istanbul soon picture by picture as I've done before too! Because nobody wants to see 23532463036246025235123 photos of Istanbul in one post, right?
The first photo of the trip, actually this is from the Oulunsalo airport! I had been in Helsinki airport many times but it was my first time visiting the Oulunsalo airport, how strange is that...?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At the airport

5:44am Sitting in the Oulunsalo airport now... The airports in northern Germany are closed but our flight goes to Helsinki first and we'll hear more about the situation there! Sorry for sending a post without pictures, I'm just too bored to sit here at the airport so I got to write something! Well, hopefully we can go to Berlin but a flight to another city would be fine as well :)

7:50am We're in Helsinki now! The flight was a bit late but we still have time to wait... Helsinki-Berlin flight is not canceled... yet!

11:38am Don't know if I should cry or laugh... The flight to Berlin got canceled....

7:31pm We're in Istanbul now, can't believe that... The city is beautiful :)

26/5/2011 5:35am Good morning Istanbul! We're planning to go to the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia today. The weather was lovely yesterday, I hope it'll be like that today as well!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I haven't been talking much about sport lately, so maybe you have been thinking that I'm not interested in that anymre. But as a matter of fact, it's not true at all, I'm still hooked in sports! Yesterday was a bit horrible, though... My ankle started to feel strange so I had to stop before the gloal time which was 2 hours. Luckily my ankle seems to be okay now, at least I hope so!!

Sorry about the quality of the pics, I took them on my cellphone camera while I was walking around Oulu a loooooong time ago :)

The plane departs at 6:25am tomorrow so I won't be posting until... Monday? But I'll take my laptop with me because the hotel offers free Wifi so maybe I'll make a small post... MAYBE!
 Hopefully the ash cloud from Iceland doesn't reach Finland or Germany before we're in Berlin, it would be soooooo boring if the flight got canceled :(
Well anyway, have a nice week everybody♥♥

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lentokaaos taas kerran?

Problems with Iceland's volcanoes again...
The airspace should be still open on Wednesday when we go to Berlin, let's see how it goes... It would be ok to spend a few extra days in Berlin if the airspace gets closed while we're there ;)
Oh anyway, that wasn't the main topic of today's post! I just wanted to post some photos from Spain trip 2010 and the photos that were taken in the airplane suit the situation quite well...
The weather was cloudy for almost the whole flight but between France and Spain the clounds went away  for a while. This is France I guess.
And the Pyrenees! They are just a bit different than the Scandinavian Mountains :p

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I feel like a superhero right now, did so much sport yesterday (3 hours, that's a lot to me!) and my muscles are not even hurting! Tervahiihto, here I come!!!

A school outfit, bit too boring but I blame my room for that, it's still a mess so I can't find more clothes... Oh well, I have almost emptied it already! Even gave some books away! And planning to sell some clothes that I bought in Japan, especially one skirt that cost 90€ and I have NEVER worn it...

Ha, playing with PhotoScape... I'd really need Photoshop (we have the 232463634634636345 years old version and I can't use it), but it's so expensive that I prefer using free software ;)
New shoes....again? I had to buy them, seriously! Remember the grey ones I bought for Berlin? They're almost broken already... No wonder why they cost only 10€♥ But at least I learnt something from that, so these shoes are a bit more expensive, 25€ ;D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

LEFT: Postcards from a Korean friend who visited in Jeju island! I think I haven't told it before but I kinda collect postcards: I use them as posters on my room's doors! I'll post some pictures when I have enough cards to cover all the doors ;)
RIGHT: Travel guides about Finland, whaaaat? Nope, it's not just me who'll travel around Finland this summer, my Korean friend will visit Oulu for 10 days in June/July so I need to decide which places we'll visit :D

A post packet with Marimekko pattern, sent it to my friend:) It's kinda strange that when I was younger I didn't like Marimekko at all, and now I have a couple of their shirts, pencil cases, makeup pouches, towels and even a bag!!! Maybe I'm becoming old and clever.... Oh anyway, check this out! Loving the prints and summery colors!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the 9th graders' party went quite well! I & my friend were the presenters of our classes' performance :D We also had to dress up in fancy clothes, such and soliders, rich ladies etc... I was female James Bond with a giant water gun!
Another thing I have to mention about is that I've been cleaning my room for a few days! Or maybe it's more like emptying than cleaning. No, we're not moving or anything like that, I just feel like I want to throw the old things away. I already filled 4 huuuuuuge plastic bags with old toys, books, clothes and so on! Planning to sell them at a flea market as soon as I come back from Berlin (and finish cleaning of course) :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perinteinen ruokapostaus + punapää

It's watching you........... Scary isn't it??

Recently I've eaten way too much porridge! It just tastes so good...

My red hair is back again!! And no, I didn't dye it, my hair just always becimes red in the summer... Well, when I didn't dye my hair dark brown, it used to be ORANGE in the summer :S It's kinda strange that it's really hard for me to get suntan, but immediately when the sun is visible, my hair becomes red :p

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ostolakossa tosiaanki...

I wasn't supposed to buy anything before we go to Berlin but I just HAD TO buy a white shirt for the 9th graders party which will be held tomorrow! And besides that, I also need a white shirt for my summer job so... And it cost only 7€!

Studying and studying and studying... NO MORE STUDYING! I finished the last exam of the 9th grade today!!!! 6 days to Berlin and a couple of weeks to summer vacation♥♥♥

A shirt I found at the same time as I found the LIZ LISA shirt... Why do I have so many forgotten clothes in my closet? :D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vaatekaapista löytynyttä...

A shirt that I bought in Japan in 2009, but haven't worn before (WHYYYYYY????)! Now I found it again and fell in love with it♥ It's from LIZ LISA and it cost about 40€. I'm going to wear it 24/7 in the summeeeeer!!!

Changed my winter scarf (that black one) into a spring one! I've had that one since 7th grade but I still like it ;)

WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!! Congratulations to our team♥

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Espanja osa 1

Bye bye cloudy Finland...

And hello, sunny Spain♥♥ I miss it so much!!

Sorry for bad picture but... PALM TREES!!! I hadn't ever seen them before ;)

Post from Japan! So cute, thank you Aoi :)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I went to downtown to do some shopping and study... But came back with a new idea! Too bad I'm not going to tell it for a long time!! But as a tip I can say that it's something about high school and foreign countries... And 3,5 years ;)

OHNOOO I have to write very quickly now because I'm really hungry and seeing these pics doesn't help me at all haha :D
Well anyway, that PowerCow thing... Nothing special. Prawn chips, DELICIOUS! I have eaten them before as well, but this was the first time I found them in Finland (still loving that Asian food shop in Oulu, visited them again on yesterday)!

I also visited on my mom's make-up pouch... And found this! Too bad she wanted this back, but she gave me another (and in my opinion, a lot better,) mascara. Will introduce it later :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Problems with Blogger....

Blogger deleted my post so I'm too lazy to write all the text again, sorry! Has anybody else had problems with Blogger lately...?

GO GO GRANLUND!! He's from Oulu by the way ;)