Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Galna dagarrr

I hate the discount days of the local mall, I always buy something stupid... Well, this year, I bought a book about marathons! And cheap jeggings that cost only 10€, I couldn't resist them even if they don't look good on me :(

I also got a discount ticket to Qstock 2011, too bad I'm not interested in going there because of the lack of good bands... And I hear the music every year even if I live 7km away from the place the gigs are held :p

Aaaand I borrowed some books from the library! Okay, the second one is the marathon book I bought actually. The other books are about vegetarian foods and cooking ('m not a vegetarian but I got interested in making vegetarian foods for some reason :) but the last one is a ski book, surprise surprise...

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