Friday, April 8, 2011

Music post 3#

My homework from piano lessons.. It's surprisingly good :)
Johnny Cash is awesome!!! I looooove his voice :D
And a Finnish one! It has been staying in my head for a while now, even if Haloo Helsinki is far from my favorite bands..
A photo from Thursday, before I went to gym! I don't wear pink clothes so often so it felt a bit strange to wear those...
Anyway, today was the first day of my ''healthy life''! I went to the downtown with my friends and they wanted to buy candy and go to McDonalds but I stayed strong and said I'll go buy some clothes instead ^^' And so did I, and found a pair of shoes which I'll introduce later :)


  1. Ohh my, your so strong O_O
    I already failed x3
    BUT THEY ASKED ME TO MAKE SCONES and I was like...yea well...scones...are...delicious...
    and then we ate macaroni with cheese...and...and....
    I'll have to try harder!
    BOO ME!

  2. Ihana kampaus ♥

  3. Sanne: OH NOOOO! Let's blame...... .... SCONES! They're too delicious :p

    Crt: Kiitoksiaaa♥ Kerranki jaksoin laittaa hiukset jopa kiinni, selevä kevään merkki :D