Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kenkiä, kaktuksia ja pääsiäistä

A better photo about the thoes I bought. The size is a bit too big but it's better than too small, right?

My cactus is over one year old now, how great is that?? I've had many cactuses before but some of them died because I watered them too much.... And some of them died because I forgot to water them :D

A rock I keep under the cactus pot. It doesn't seem very special but I like it a lot! I got it from a beach in Norway :)

I stopped my delicacy strike... Because those chocolate eggs belong to Easter!

A short preview of what tomorrow's post is going to be about!:)


  1. OH try giving the rock a name :D And talk to it :D:D But not to much because the cactus will get jealous that way.. :3

  2. Miss Kata,Thank you for the message!I love cactus too.chocolate eggs?It's my firsttime to see a chocolate eggs,it's look so good!

  3. Sanne: Haha good idea! Too bad I'm not good at giving names, it's probably going to get a very boring one :D
    MEGAROSE: Thanks!! Yeah, it's good indeed, you should try eating chocolate eggs sometime :)
    Mary: Thank you so much!!