Friday, April 1, 2011

Heihei maaliskuu

Bye bye March, snow and skiing, welcome April, spring and Skikes! I didn't find them today so tomorrow I'll go to another shop to find them... I really hope I find them because the snow will be gone soon :(
Today was April Fool's day! Nothing special, I didn't fool anybody and nobody fooled me... But I got a 10- from a Finnish test so I'm really glad!!

An outfit from last week or maybe two weeks ago? Anyway, I really liked that outfit :)


  1. Wahaha, I was like WTF ARE SKIKES but I looked it up on google :D You're really sportive you know?

  2. Haha yeah that name is kinda strange isn't it! I always forget their name :D
    Thanks! But I don't think so, I'm still a beginner!