Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sorry for posting ooooold photos, I don't have time to upload the new ones from my camera... This one was taken in March, we don't have so much snow anymore ;)

Anyway, I must write very quickly because I'm really busy at the moment! I have so many things to talk about but not enough time.
Well the first and maybe the most important thing is that I was the 2nd best of all the 9th grades of our school in the economics test!! I'm sooooo glad about it, but of course it felt a bit bad to be the 2nd because the difference to the first was only 2 points!!!! So I ran a bit faster than I normally do today... Okay okay, the reason why I ran faster was that it was raining outside, how annoying!

Hmmm what else... I learned to dance foxtrot today! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be so I'm really glad :D
OH NOOOO I don't have time to write more or I'll be late from my piano lesson!!! By the way, I'm learning to play Old French Song by Tcaikovsky! It's such a beautiful song :)
Anyway, have a nice day everybodyyyy ♥♥


  1. Girl...lets face it...your way to busy xD
    But oh well, as long as you enjoy it :')

  2. I know!! But I can't help it, I have so many things to do :D