Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day in Haparanda & Kemi

These pics were taken in June, when my Korean friend visited us :) I didn't add photos of us though, because he doesn't know that I have a blog I look so terrible in them! On the first day we went to Haparanda to shop & visit some "famous" tourist destinations (=IKEA....).

This one was taken in Kemi. When my mom saw this, she said ''It looks the same as how you used to draw your dad when you were a child!''... I know, I was such an artist.

Does anybody else find this face mask extremely creepy??? Who writes "human" to a face mask package???????

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  1. heyy kata its me Pat, yaa u took the pic that animal, church, hotel , flower that we saw and street as well, it was best moment in my life , thanks for giving best moments to me :D