Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A simple outfit from last week. The funny thing about the outfit is that I bought those jeans when I was in 5th grade... See, I'm really trying to save money so that I can buy looots of nice things in Berlin ;)

Today I learned how to write ryegrass correctly in Finnish. I have always written it like ''raeruoho'' even if the correct way is ''rairuoho''. Oh well...
Aaand this is what I've been doing lately: studying! Chemistry is surprisingly interesting even if nobody else seems to think in the same way :D
 If you're bored or interested in news, check THIS and THIS! Awesome photos of current events in the world!
I just noticed that I have only 2 school days left before the Easter vacation, how nice♥ Too bad I have no special plans for the vacation yet...


  1. yksinkertaisen kaunis asu :'')

  2. Outfit -> Nice one!
    Planting...stuff... -> GOOD JOB :D;D
    Chemistry -> NOOOOOOOO~ Haha, just kidding. As long as you like studying it :3

  3. crt: kiitosss♥
    Sanne: Thanks! And yeaaah it was a good job! And those ryegrains are GROWINGGGG! Even if I thought I'm the worst gardener ever... :D