Friday, April 15, 2011


I must confess that one of these foods wasn't mine... 10 points and a parrot badge (Don't bother to think about that parrot badge thing, it's just a Finnish joke..) to the person who knows which I didn't eat ;) TIP: I talked about it on my ''delicacy strike'' post!
Aaaand see that spoon on my porridge?? ISN'T IT CUTE?
My latest favorite food... hard rye bread with margarine and a boiled egg (mun epätoivoinen versio munavoista...) :D
So, I could write something else too, because some people might get bored if the post is only about food ;)
It's FRIDAY♥ I have an easy school day today, from 10am to 1pm! After school I'll go to downtown to buy a spring jacket and comfortable shoes so that it'll be easier to walk in Berlin (ONLY 1 MONTH AND SOMETHING LEFT BEFORE BERLIN!). And after that I'll go buy some food with daddy and watch TV study.
I've been on my ''delicacy strike'' for a week now. I don't even miss candy or other delicacies... yet!
I should also plant my ryegrass today! It's a Finnish tradition to grow ryegrass at the Eastertime and I haven't done that for years but now I just want to plant it ;D

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