Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liisa fysiikkamaassa

A notebook that I bought in Korea during my trip. Cute isn't it? I use it in physics lessons because I needed some motivation... What could be a better study motivation than a cute notebook??

Recently: The trip to Helsinki went quite well, I didn't get lost and the exam wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be :) Too bad I didn't take photos there... But I'm sure you guys will get enough Helsinki posts when I move there in July/August! And by the way, I'll spend one of my two summer vacation months studying... I applied for a summer high school that will last a month beginning from the midsummer. That means I don't have to take so many courses next year as I'll complete 6(!!!!!) during the summer. Not bad, not bad.... :)


  1. often I didn`t get a message that you posted something new on`s weird.
    Blogspot is strange sometimes, I have to look time to time on your blog by myself

    1. I have the same problem as well!!! This is really strange, I can't see your new posts on my Blogspot start page... Maybe Blogspot is just being strange for a while :s