Friday, June 29, 2012

Maxi skirt

My school outfit today: other stuff from H&M, the skirt from a random shop in Harajuku.

Some freebies I got in Korea- I bought some fragrance for my granny, so they decided to give me some extra!! Good service, no? :)

PS. It's Fridaaaaay!!!♥

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sokos Hotel Helsinki

The room



Hungry? McDonald's is under your window ;)

I really liked staying there. The only negative thing was that it was too cold in the room- the air condition was too good (I got an annoying cough because of it..) But my overall rating is still closer to 9/10 than 8/10! The price for a night was just a bit over 100€, which isn't that much because the hotel is in central Helsinki (to the ones who are familiar with Helsinki, the hotel is just next to the Kluuvi shopping centre) and the rooms are nice and spacious :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I began my studies at a summer high school yesterday... The lessons are 8.15-16.45 every day except the weekend of course. So I have to study a loooooot now :/ Luckily I'll get to see my friend during the weekend (which means I'll have a trip to Helsinki again:)

Yesterday I went to my new school to give them my final report from junior high and confirm that I'll study there from August. Now I just need to choose the courses I'll attend 2012-2013... It's difficult! Just look at that paper and you'll see what I mean!

I put some glitter nail polish for my nails! It was cute as long as it lasted... The nail of my right little finger got broken yesterday on my way to the summer high school place. I don't know what happened because it didn't hurt at all, but today I noticed that there was a deep cut in my nail :( Bye bye, "long" nails...

PSSST! I just noticed that I've 50 followers now!♥ I thought it would be like 46 or something... Where did all the new followers come from? Hmm... Anyway, my secret goal was to get 50 followers before Christmas.  What could be my next secret (not so secret anymore) goal?

Monday, June 25, 2012

At night


It always seems to be rainy when I'm in Helsinki... But luckily I have an umbrella now :)

PS. 500th post!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm off to Helsinki!

Yesterday was the last day of volunteering, and today I'll go to Helsinki.
Have a nice Sunday! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'll start my volunteer work of 3 days today :) The job is simple: I should sell sweets, juice, toothpaste and other stuff like that. It's only 4-4,5h/day, and I get 5 meals for free every day when I work!
The photos are from Keuruu by the way, taken around the cottage.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Does somebody still remember the hair dye that introduced a few weeks (or something like that) ago? I dyed my hair with it yesterday!! Just the roots though, because if i dyed the other parts, they'd turn black.. In the picture above, my hair looks quite normal, but actually there are 3 different colors in it!! The roots are red, the mid-length part is almost black and the tips are brown.So it's obvious that I can't call this a success :( Well, maybe I'll succeed next time...

We'll drive to Keuruu in central Finland today, how nice is that?? I love sitting in the car and listening to music :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vallan sateinen maanantai

I found this while tidying my room. A birthday card from my friend! (In case somebody is wondering, my birthday was a looooooong time ago! I  just forgot to take a pic of this card).. She knows who's my favorite actor for sure :D

Below: Something I bought in Helsinki... It's a notebook with the map of central Helsinki in it! I'll never get lost again!!

It's rainy and cold here, but I wish you guys & girls a nice Monday♥ 
If it's a rainy day in your neck of the woods as well, read this (found from some website):

You Know You've Been In Finland Too Long, When...
You meticulously manage your plastic bag collection.
You don't think twice about putting wet dishes in the cupboard.
Silence is fun.
Your coffee consumption exceeds 8 cups a day.
Your native language has seriously deteriorated. Now you "eat medicine", "open the television", and "close the lights off".
You associate pea soup with Thursday.
Your notion of street life is reduced to hanging out in front of the railway station on Friday nights.
After giving presentations, you finally stop asking "Are there any questions?"
You no longer look at a track suit as casual wear, but consider it acceptable for formal occasions. Neither do you see a problem wearing white socks with loafers.
You no longer eat mashed potatoes - you eat smashed potatoes.
You understand why the Finnish language has no future tense.
When a stranger smiles at you, you assume he is drunk, insane, or foreign.
You've become lactose intolerant.
You know how to prepare herring 105 different ways.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoppailureissu postitoimistoon..........

A while ago, I went to the central post office of Oulu to buy some stuff (a shopping trip or what..?). Of course there's a post office close to my home as well, but the staff there isn't that professional. Most of the time, the staff doesn't know how to send letters/parcels abroad, and I need to give them advice... Or sometimes they don't even read what's written on the packet, and put wrong stamps into it!! So this time I decided to go to the central post office. I really like going there, because the staff is friendly and professional... I was at the cashier when the salesperson said "There is some sale stuff over there, big boxes only 1€/piece" (the normal price is 2-3€)... So I ended up buying many packets.. And as I bought stamps also, the salesperson gave me about 40 priority stickers!

Below: I found this paper while looking through my bookcase.. How to wish happy holidays in Japanese!

I got a gift from my friend in Japan! Thank you Aoi!! It'll take forever to eat all the candy haha :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laiska lauantai(ko)

"I'm just gonna relax today!!" Just after thinking that I noticed I've plenty of stuff to do :s
1. I should send some mail to my new school because I'd like to make some course choices... Normally, the school decides the courses for 1st year students, but I'm a 2nd year student (even if officially a 1st year student) and I don't want to repeat some courses. I also got the acception letter from the school yesterday, with the score of the entrance exam! I thought I didn't do that well in the exam, because I didn't have time to prepare for it (okay, I glanced through a grammar book while on airplane to Helsinki), but my score was 9,8/10! I literally danced around the house after that :D

2. I need to send 234645247345345 letters... I didn't have time to reply my friends while at school, so for the past few weeks, I've been writing and writing.

3. I need to pack my stuff for the trip! School books (pictured above), clothes, camera etc... Would be terrible if I forgot something! I also visit Helsinki on my trip, because I must give the final report of my junior high school to my new school. The final report should not be folded or wrinkled, so I must be careful :s

4. I should see my friends. Should is a bit bad word for this situation though.. "I want to see my friends" would be better! I won't see them for over a month, and one of my friends will study abroad in the USA this year so I want to see her before she leaves!!

5. I should return my books to the library and some other little stuff.

6. I should go shopping!! I need to buy some stuff before I leave... Such as summer clothes!

Oh... I guess this won't be a lazy Saturday after all :(

(The pic below: my favorite view in my room)

This is what I found during a shopping trip about a week ago. Nothing much... I wanted to find some nice and summery stuff, but nooooo :( The jeans are high-waisted ones from Cubus, 39,90€, and the loose shirt is from Lindex, 19,90€.