Thursday, March 22, 2012


Found this cute packet from the local post office and decided to send a cute box instead of those white-and-orange packets that the post normally offers :)
And since I begun talking about Marimekko, check this out! Google celebrated spring/fall with Marimekko logos on March 20th. The northern countries saw the spring version with bright colors and the southern ones saw autunum doodles with darker colors. Cute isn't it?

Today's plan: Write an essay for school... That has to be done by tomorrow! I'll give a presentation about the future of the EU. Nice topic, too little time to prepare...
Tomorrow's plan: School, homework, partyyyyy! We'll be celebrating my friend's birthday and teach some Germans to eat mämmi and other Finnish dishes.. :p

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What is it?

This task is a bit too easy for the Finns.. Oh anyway, I'm way too tired to write a proper post today... I need more sleep!!!!!! :(

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The weather has been so sunny lately that I wanted to show this shirt here... It has been waiting for the summer in my closet for a while already. I bought it at Narita Airport, and the brand is Rodeo Crowns. Sadly I can't remember the price :(

My granny painted this one! The pattern is quite similar to Aurora Borealis, isn't it? I wonder if she got the inspiration from auroras!

Physics test tomorrow... Wish me luck!;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Say hello to the redness

Sorry, the quality of the pic is terrible. But I had no time to take a better one today, as I came home around 8pm and now I just want to go to sleep as soon as possible!
Anyway, I dyed my hair on Saturday... You really can't see the change of the color from the pic, but the color is a bit more reddish compared to what it was like before. I have some natural red pigment in my hair so normally I don't buy hair dye with red pigment. This time I wanted to change it a little bit because I've had the same color for so long time. I still don't know if I like the color or not, because I'm not a big fan of reddish hair on myself (actually just a few months ago I said "I hate my hair when it looks red"...) Never say never...
Good night people!:)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Books, schoolbooks, books

Sorry for being away for so long.. I've had so many things to do, most of the days I've come home around 8pm and been simply too tired to write! I'll try to get some extra energy:)
I borrowed Sofi Oksanen's book Puhdistus from my friend. It has been translated into English and many other languages as well. It was such a sad and gloomy story, I don't recommend reading it... Except if you like such stories.
The second book is Nanao Sakaki's Let's eat stars!. I saw it in the library and wanted to read because I don't read poems that often. I actually liked some of the poems, and the book was short enough to read in 15 mins, that was nice :)
The latter ones are some study things, not much to say because I haven't read them yet.

I got two armchairs into my room, nice to sit there and read! And notice the penguin slippers ;)

Hahahahaha this has to be the best book ever!!!! This book describes the Finns really well, I laughed so much when I read it... One of the funniest things was a joke about how we think Swedes behave (Swedes, close your eyes so you don't see it!!) :
"Why don't the Swedes drink tea?"
"Because the teabags would get stuck in their throats."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peruspäivä, perusviikko

Waking up at 5am, going to school 7-8am, at school till 4pm, going to the library, studying till 7pm, finally at home around 8pm... Does anybody know why I was so tired?? ;)
Today: the same, except that I woke up 1 hour later! And I'm not that tired!

Found this from my cosmetic box and decided to give it a try. So far so good :)

Bye bye mittens :( They were my favorite ones, and I lost them...

Monday, March 12, 2012

På loppis

Here's the flea market post that I promised to make! Sorry for the bad pics though, I couldn't take my big camera there so I just took some pics with my cellphone :)
+ I added some random pics from the past few days.. Sorry, I know how bad the quality is!!

Hopefully you all had a nice day ;)
Ps. I still don't know how to turn those photos when posting from my cellphone ! Any ideas??

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where's my motivation??

I'm supposed to be doing my homework now, but I just can't concentrate! There's some chemistry stuff to write (more than 10 pages :d) and I've been doing it since 10 in the morning... And now it's 6:30 in the evening!!! Okay, I spent most of the time on the internet, but that's still quite a lot isn't it? There was one really difficult exercise to do, but luckily I managed to do it.
Anyway, here's the shopping post that I promised to make! These things were bought this week. I know, I was supposed not to buy anything before the summer but I really needed some of them. That bag was probably the best purchase, because I really needed a bag that could carry all the schoolbooks. From H&M, only 15,90€ :)

This is from H&M as well. It was a bit expensive, almost 40€, but I really needed a new bathrobe and this was the only one that was cute and warm!
Oh I forgot to tell about my terrible Saturday. The morning was just normal- I woke up around 7 in the morning and did some homework. My plan was like this:
10am Going to the flea market
2pm My aunt's husband's birtday party
4pm My friend's birthday party
.... But it didn't turn out like that at all!!! Here's how the day looked like:
9am Noticing that my wallet is gone, looking for it
9:30am Panic! Where's my wallet???
9:45am Super hyper mega panic... Luckily I found my buscard from the pocket of my coat.
10am Running to the bus stop, went to Tuira to look for my wallet because I had been there a few days ago and that's where I used my wallet before it got lost
11am Found my wallet♥ Thanks to the Lidl salesperson!! From now on, I'll start to buy food from Lidl more often :D
12.30 Went to the flea market, realized that I wouldn't make it in time to the parties so I decided to go shopping instead
5pm Came back home... Exhausted :(
No wonder why I slept so much last night!

H&M, 19,90€. They had only big sizes left, but it doesn't really matter because of the material of the shirt. I really liked how it looked like at the shop, hopefully it'll look the same when I wear it :D

A basic shirt from H&M. It was less than 10€ and I don't have many basic clothes at the moment because I sold them at the flea market so I think this came in need :)

Back detail of the shirt. So it's not 100% basic! Maybe I'll use it with shorts in the summer because now it might be a bit too cold for that type of clothing.

Shirt from Cubus. About 30€. The only size they had was XL, but I had to buy it because the I love the colors! They had other colors with sizes XS, S and M but I didn't like those colors... This is better even if it's too big :)
And jeans, from Cubus as well. They sell jeans for 20€ only, so I had to buy ones. I was considering whether to buy high- or low-waisted jeans, but I ended up buying the ones with low waist. Why? I don't know, high-waisted ones would have been better... Well, maybe next time I'll buy those high-waisted ones then.

Have a nice Sunday night everybody♥ I got some motivation to do my homework now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


A post about recent things coming later today.. or tomorrow!:)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Muistoja matkan varrelta

Almost a year ago... I'd love to go back even in the whole trip was quite exhausting (the ones who have been my followers may remember the details of the trip from previous posts)! I got that travel fever again, how am I supposed to concentrate on all the schoolwork now..???

Hahahaha this is awesome!! I really want Angry Birds Space version to my phone, now I only have Angry Birds Seasons...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's International Women's Day today! So if you're a woman, congratulations, today's your day;)
(Pic not related, that's a map of Helsinki from 1984...)

Today's been a nice day so far: I left home around 12 to visit the flea market and came back a few hours later with a few bottles of Coke- my best friend will stay here the night! I was supposed to do some schoolwork and other things, but did only the most important. Tomorrow will be a veeeeery busy day then... The only bad thing about today is that I felt a little sick in the morning and decided to skip the skiing part of the day :/ Well, I jogged 40min yesterday, so maybe it's just good to rest a bit.

Have a nice day everyone! Hopefully your day will be as nice as mine, or even better (I'm not sure if that's possible:)

If that is a Christmas tree, my name is Santa Claus...

Isn't it hilarious?? Or maybe I'm just old-fashioned...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kiireistä lomailua

Isn't it cute? I gave it to my friend as a souvenir. I came back from Asia almost two months ago but I haven't had a chance to meet that friend before (actually we met a few weeks ago but I forgot the whole souvenir then..). So yesterday, after I came back from downtown, we decided to go ice-skating! Such a nice evening:)

It's March already, time flies... Too many things to do!!
Here is what I did today:
8.00 Woke up, some chatting, my aunt sent me a message asking if I'd like to go to a Chinese restaurant with her and my cousin
9.00 Cross-country skiing♥
10.00 Came back home, resting a bit
12.30 SO HUNGRYYYY! Went to the Chinese restaurant and ate a loooot:)
15.00 Library, studying, got an e-mail from Helsinki <----- This is related to the happy post I posted just a few days ago ;) It's still a secret to you guys!!
18.00 My dad drove me to Kempele (a town nearby) because there's a big (okay, not so big) shopping mall there. Shopping shopping shopping..
19.30 Came back home, sooooo tired!

Cut my hair a bit.. But you can't even see the difference! Sorry!

Tomorrrow's plan:
Visiting the flea market, a loooooot of studying(!!!!!!), hopefully some skiing as well... This doesn't feel like vacation at all, but I don't mind :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ja lissää hiihtelyä:)

Yesterday: XC skiing 1,5h + jogging 40min.. That is the best way to spend a bithday;) Now I'm officially 17...
The jogging part got me a bit surprised tough. Normally my route takes 45 minutes, but this time it took only 40 even if the route was a bit longer than normally! I haven't been doing much sport in the past few months, so the results should be completely opposite. And also, I went jogging after skiing, so of course I should have been slower... This is a mystery indeed :o

Today: Walking 1,5h. My legs felt a bit tired so I decided to take it easy and go walking on the ice instead of skiing. That wasn't a very good idea though.. I was walking there quite far away from any people (actually I saw no people at all!) when I heard a voice of breaking ice. That's normal, so I continued my way a bit... Then the voice got louder and I was able to see the ice breaking around :s Needless to mention that better safe than sorry, I got away from the ice and took a walk in a safer place.

About the pics: See that hole in the ice? Can you guess what it is??:p

The pic with that strange frozen hay is actually a pic with my damaged hair... I forgot to hide my hair inside a hat when skiing, and that's what happened :/

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hiihtelyä pitkästä aikaa

Spent 1,5h skiing on the ice today:) You know, it's quite easy to get a suntan in the winter because ice reflects those rays really well.. i'm so tired of my white skin, some tan would be awesome!! too bad my skin doesn't really like the sun so it got a bit burned already... even if I had sunblock on!
(PS. This is the first blog post that I posted using my cellphone so sorry if there are more mistakes than usually.. And I don't know how to turn that pic, so please turn your head a bit to see it;)

Friday, March 2, 2012


My winter vacation- or actually, ski vacation, began! Anyway, I started to clean up all the useless things from my room. Some are rubbish, some will be sold at the flea market. This poor little notebook flew into my trashcan... Why? It's been full since 2010. I find it really hard to throw stuff away as you can see. Bye bye notebook (I'm pretty sure I'll eventually go back to the trashcan and rescue it:)

Treasure no. 2: my cellphone from 2005(?)
Good old times... Bye bye Nokia 6103♥

So that was the rubbish of the day. Besides those ones, I found plenty of stuff to sell at the flea market! Wealth, here I come!! *sarcasm times 252342362345234*

Today's weather: sunny and waaaaaarm (I was outside without a hat and mittens, that's what I call awesome). Well, that's a synonym to perfect ski weather ;) Can't wait!

I'm off to take a little nap now, so exhausted after a long day..
Have a nice weekend everybodyyyy!