Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kevään ensimmäinen pajunkissa

Spring is comiiiiiing! Too bad I found only one ''pajunkissa''... More photos coming soon ;)
And another good news... I sent a petition to YLE (The Finnish broadcasting company) because the news in Sámi are broadcast on TV so late, around the midnight! So, yesterday, the news were broadcast at midday and I finally had a change to watch them! If anybody is curious about the news in Sámi, click HERE! And click the text ''Oddasat'' under the label ''videot'' :)
And other thing related to news! The election in Finland will be on next week's Sunday! I'm still too young to vote but we have our school election on Thursday and I'm going to serve as a trustee. And I should decide who I'll vote for, that's too difficult...


  1. AH I RECOGNIZE THAT 'pajunkissa'! We have them in our front yard, but they are already blooming. I really love them, they're so soft!

  2. Yeah, they're soooo soft and cute! No wonder why the name means literally ''willow's cat'' :)

  3. Oh we always call them 'katjes' or 'poesjes' (which means kittens or cats) but I don't even know the official dutch name x3