Friday, April 29, 2011


I have never tasted coffee before (okay, once in kindergarten but that doesn't count), but I broke my habit and gave it a go :) It wasn't as bad as I had expected... But not so good either.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ruokaa ja siivousta

Tea and porridge with margarine and Finnish honey. Delicious!

Cleaned our kitchen a bit ;)
I bought them from Aasia Ruoka in Oulu... A post and recipe about that curry coming soon ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokyo DisneySea

Sorry for not posting travel photos from Japan for such a long time! This time I'll post about the Disney resort in Chiba, near Tokyo. The train to the resort was just too cute, I wish we had trains like this in Finland too... (To Finnish people: VR taitaa olla aikalailla noiden vastakohta:)

LEFT: Mediterranean Harbor, we ate in a restaurant there
RIGHT: American Waterfront

Mermaid Lagoon! Too bad we didn't see Ariel, but we saw Eric there :D

LEFT: Arabian Coast
RIGHT: American Waterfront (Tower of Terror)

At night... Sorry for bad photos, the scenery was awesome and beautiful but it doesn't look so good in the photos :(
I liked Tower of Terror, Aquatopia, StormRider, Raging Spririts, The Magig Lamp Theater and all the others too, but my absolute favorite was Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Crystal Skull!! It was just too awesome and funny!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pyörällä ympäri Oulua

That was a few weeks ago, we don't have so much snow anymore ;) Only 10-30cm in SOME places (like our backyard...). Oh anyway, today it was about 20C in the sun so the summer is definitely coming! It felt great to be outside without a winter jacket...

The same place as in this photo. The ice is still there :(

My plan was to visit Nallikari, the beach of Oulu, to take some pictures... But the weather turned quite bad so I went back home.

All these photos are taken on the same day, how strange is that?? Squirrels everywhere...

5 new followers, thank you sooooo much♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kenkiä, kaktuksia ja pääsiäistä

A better photo about the thoes I bought. The size is a bit too big but it's better than too small, right?

My cactus is over one year old now, how great is that?? I've had many cactuses before but some of them died because I watered them too much.... And some of them died because I forgot to water them :D

A rock I keep under the cactus pot. It doesn't seem very special but I like it a lot! I got it from a beach in Norway :)

I stopped my delicacy strike... Because those chocolate eggs belong to Easter!

A short preview of what tomorrow's post is going to be about!:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kevättakki ja kevätkengät

Have I introduced my new spring jacket and shoes before? Well, here they are! Both from H&M, jacket 30€ and shoes 10€ (still saving money for Berlin...). Anyway, I like them as simple as they are :)

My ryegrass has grown so well! Who's the best gardener everrrr..?

Foodfoodfood and tennis

Something very suspicious isn't it? It was my first attempt to try TVP (textured vegetable protein) instead of meat! That bread on the left side is Karjalanpiirakka and the potato is just... a potato. But that beef is what we're focusing on now! There is for example beetroot, TVP and parsley in it so it's kinda healthy! And it was delicious, too :) 

And then, the next suspicious thing! It looks like French fries, but it has no potato in it!! I used Swedish turnips/rutabagas/yellow turnips or whatever you want to call them. 

And here comes the last suspicious thing! Buckthorn porridge! You know, buckthorn is super healthy, but in my opinion they don't taste so good, so I was just a bit tentative when I bought that packet of porridge. And yeah, as you can see on the left, the porridge looks a bit strange... But the taste isn't bad at all, especially with banana slices (as shown below), it's very good! And it's organic, that's always a biiiig plus ;D

And some kind of announcement to the end: I stopped taking tennis lessons! Actually it was several months ago but I didn't remember to tell you guys. As tennis is one of my biggest passions, I would have wanted to continue playing, but got some argument with my friend and the tennis club. Well, I'm waiting for the summer even more and more, free tennis courts on the city where our summer cottage is located♥♥
Oh I almost forgot, another announcement: About 4700 people have visited my blog now, so 5000 is really close! I could make some kind of special post, any ideas?