Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When I was young...

I drew these when I was maybe 6 years old... Nothing to complain about, my drawings are still like that ;)

10 points to the person who knows what this one is!

Aaaaand the BEST one! I wrote ''angry daddy'' into it :DDDD


  1. Hahaha, voi kun olet ollut söpö piirtäjä ♥

    Aku Ankkahan se siinä ^.~

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  3. Yeah! I got 10 points! It's Donald Duck! Yeah!
    At the first glance, I thought you were drawing my portrait in the last picture, because some of my friends call me Ms Potato. :)

  4. crt: kiitoksia! ja ihan oikeessa oot aku ankan suhteen!
    Mandy: yea, it's donald! ms potato??? why? :D