Tuesday, September 27, 2011

booking, booking, more booking...

This pic has nothing to do with today's topic (which is traveling, are you surprised?), but it's the only recent pic I have... Well, anyway, there are still 3 exams left; history tomorrow, English on Thursday and Swedish on Friday, but the most difficult ones (maths and physics) are over now! I'm a bit worried about the results though :( I spent my weekend wasting time... Well, it wasn't exactly wasting time, but I should have studied more!! Anyway, the thing I'm so excited about is...







Sounds good doesn't it? We booked the flight (which is Helsinki-Istanbul♥-Dubai btw) on Saturday, so I've been super hyper mega excited for a few days ;) Anyway, we'll be going to Dubai on the 1st on January 2012, and come back on the 10th of January 2012!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


This week = preparing for the exams
Next week = EXAMS
Result = no time to blog :<

I've been singing this since yesterday... ALL THE PRINGLE LADIES!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Travel tips, anyone?

Norway, 2010

Spain, 2010

We started to plan our 2012 travel already! This year our trip was at the end of May, and next year we're planning to begin our trip on 29th of May - 3rd of June and have a trip of one week. We don't know what country we'd like to visit, so tips are more than welcome!! Of course I've been looking at flight prices of a Helsinki-Reykjavik-Boston flight because Boston has been my "dream" city for a long time. Too bad the flights are a bit too expensive (cheapest were around 500€), so I think we'll travel inside Europe. Malta, maybe? Anyway, I shouldn't plan the trip too well, as it's possible to end up in Istanbul once again ;)
I have a fever once again, so I'll stay at home today... Too bad I had a tennis court booked for the evening :( Well, the above outfit kinda describes what I've been wearing lately: comfy, natural-colored clothes and high heels. And of course, almost all the clothes are from H&M, except for the shoes and the bracelet :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The last Japan 2009-post

So, this is officially the last post about my trip to Tokyo in 2009! I still have some pics left but they're so bad that you'll cry blood when you see them, so I just publish the best ones... Don't blame me for bad photos, I had to use my old camera !
The pic above was taken in a museum which name I can't remember though. We wanted to make a real Finland-post so of course we drew Moomins into it :)

Sooo that's the last picture, and I actually felt kinda sad posting it!! It's been 2,5 years since I was in Japan already. That's really strange in my opinion, because I feel like it was yesterday !

But well, as an off-topic, I have to tell you about my great plan: I'll go to take photos of Oulu at night today!!! Hopefully I'll get a couple of nice shots :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Indonesialaisia suolalamppuja

I got the certificate from taking piano lessons for 9 years... Which I found incorrect because I think I've been taking lessons for 10 years. Well, 9 is almost 10 so it's fine enough. It feels so strange not to play the piano because I have been playing for so long time!

My dad bought this one ~a week ago, guess what it is? A salt lamp... I had heard it has positive effects on health, but I was more interested in if it tasted like salt, so of course I had to lick it. Yes, it tasted quite salty.

This one is also a recent buy, I really needed a new calculator, so I got this one. I can't use it too well though, but there's a lamp in it, how cool is that???
This song is just too touching! The name is ''An unknown patient'', and it speaks out for the veterans of the war in Finland. The name is actually a pun, because ''Tuntematon sotilas'', The Unknown Solider, is one of the most famous novels & movies that has ever made in Finland. ''Tuntematon potilas'' has changed the meaning a whole lot, even if the name sounds almost the same. Of course it's not touching for those who can't understand Finnish but I bet every Finnish person finds it sad and moving !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Simo siili

Once again, long time no see! School is one of the reasons, but you can see another reason on the pic below! I found a starving hedgehog (actually 2 of them) from our backyard and now I need to give him/her food many times every day... Like a singe parent...... Nah, just kidding, it's not that hard, but all the time when I try to concentrate on something I have to look out of the window just to see that if they have eaten their food :p

Isn't it cute?? Too bad it doesn't have a name yet, so I just call it "hedgehog"... In Finnish of course :p

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day in Haparanda & Kemi

These pics were taken in June, when my Korean friend visited us :) I didn't add photos of us though, because he doesn't know that I have a blog I look so terrible in them! On the first day we went to Haparanda to shop & visit some "famous" tourist destinations (=IKEA....).

This one was taken in Kemi. When my mom saw this, she said ''It looks the same as how you used to draw your dad when you were a child!''... I know, I was such an artist.

Does anybody else find this face mask extremely creepy??? Who writes "human" to a face mask package???????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The last days of summer

No math homework = boredom? Nah, just more wasted free time ;) Normally it takes so long for me to edit pics but these ones were taken last weekend!!
''Restless legs''! I loooove this song from the 1980s! I even made a brief translation of the song :

Take a spurt, take a spurt, a final sprint
Harakiri, a spurt, a spurt, a spurt, a spurt
As my swollen legs scream
Waded in asphalt
Who takes it all, who takes it all and what do I get?

I have restless legs, restless legs, restless legs...

Test, good, test, bad, acid test
Feel the fire in your heart
Hit your head to the wall again and again
I do that every day, keeping to the rhythm
Who takes it all, who takes it all and what do I get?


Peace doesn't live inside me, and I won't drink water
that belongs to under the boat
I'm in a hurry of finding a new place
And eternity lies is every moment
Who takes it all, who takes it all and what do I get?


Peace, peace, peace, peace
A beach of peace
That is what my head shouts, frantic
But my feet keep going
Who takes it all, who takes it all and what do I get?