Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Spring is coming, that can be seen easily because the days are much longer than before. My winter vacation begins next week though... That should be called spring vacation instead. And I'll turn 17 on Sunday! Not having a party though, I'm not a fan of celebrating the fact I get older year by year :s
Have a nice day everybody♥ I'm off to prepare a presentation about Nicolaus Copernicus...

Ps. The header of the post is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

ICN-NRT + some recent music favorites

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012


SUMMER♥ Come back soon! These ones were taken in 2011 in Keuruu :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nothing much, you?

Nothing happens these days... Every day's the same: I go to school around 8am, leave around 4pm, go to library and study till 7pm and come back home. Such a long day isn't it? I'm so tired, but my winter vacation will start after two weeks:)

Monday, February 20, 2012


TIME LIMIT: 9 minutes
GOAL: Write an entry of what you have done in the past 4 days

THURSDAY 16/2/12
-Penkkarit at my school. I'm not a senior yet so I just watched them
- Sold some old clothes at the flea market
- Saw a concert called East is red (for school... tickets only 3€)

FRIDAY 17/2/12
- The prom at school. I'll be there next year as well, waaaaay too excited;)!
- Homework, loooots of homework
- Went to a Chinese restaurant with my dad
- My friend came to my house from Helsinki
-Cleaned my room

SATURDAY 18/2/12
- ^ Made that hotdog to my friend
- More pizza...
- Hanged out with my junior high friends
- Went to the cinema to see Mission Impossible (there was a Finnish actor acting in it!! AWESOMENESS!!)

SUNDAY 19/2/12
- Hanging out with friends and saying byes because the one from Helsinki went back home
- FINALLY got a new cellphone!! I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE IT♥ And Angry Birds!!!
- No pizza this day ;) I started a new, healthy lifestyle...

MONDAY 20/2/12
- Got up at 3am... ---> Homework! Why didn't I finish them earlier???

Phew, that was a busy week indeed... And this will be almost as busy I guess. Last week was fun, this week is more serious because of all the school thing. Anyway, I'm off to school now, byes:)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day♥

Got a gift from a Dutch friend today♥ Thanks!
Otherwise the day was quite normal, but I got less homework than normally so I have more free time. I need to tidy my room though, because a former classmate of mine will come from Helsinki to stay here for the whole weekend :)

This is the reason why I'm so tired today. I stayed up till 2am reading, slept 4 hours and went to school... I got hooked on it so I wasn't able to stop reading!! The name of the book is Girl in translation in English. I really liked the beginning, but around the halfway the story started to change too fast. It would have been better if it had more pages I guess. A beautiful story anyway, I recommend :) And now I'm back to the travel books again! Which reminds me of that I really need to fill the summerjob application this week. So much to do again...

Isn't it cute? I'm afraid I will never be able to actually use the notebook because I don't want to spoil such cuteness with my horrible handwriting ;)


I learnt to like Pocari Sweat during my trip... I thought I'd never even try it because the name sounded way too suspicious. But believe me, it's good :)

Saying bye-byes.. My flight was the last in the list, how depressing is that? It was such a long time to wait, especially because it was evening and the shops weren't opened anymore.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yksinäisen miehen juna

Read a book of Mika Waltari again. He's my favorite author and I'd like to read all his books but there are just too many of them for me to go through... So far I've read about 10 of them. This time I read a book called Yksinäisen miehen juna (published in 1929:) which means A lonely man's train in English. The whole book is about Waltari's train trip though Europe: Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy and France. It's a shame the book hasn't been translated to English (yet!!).

And this is how I spent my weekend... Reading, reading, reading. I read that Waltari's book, some magazines, Haruki Murakami's Norwegian wood in English and also some chemistry things. No wonder why my eyes hurt so much. I actually canceled all the plans for the weekend because I didn't feel like going anywhere, and today I figured out why I felt so tired- I have caught a cold again :(

I just ran out of that Vaseline hand cream. It was one of the best things I got in South korea, or at least one of the things I've been using the most. I bought another hand cream as well, so that my hands won't die in the near future. You know, these freezing cold winters are not good for skin :/

Random pics taken while in Korea

This is probably my personal fav of all the pics I took during the trip. Why? I have no idea.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

January... NOPE! February.

Time flies... I wish the summer would come soon♥
Today wasn't much of a special day- School, homework, reading and a nap of three hours. Now it's evening and I don't feel like sleeping at all... Oh well.

Hahahahaha that always happens to me while trying to take serious photos. The other ones were even worse... And when trying to take funny photos, I'm serious ;)

Sorry for such a pointless post...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was starving after a loooong day at school & library, so I went to order some take away at the local Chinese restaurant. The food was delicious and the portion was too big so I can eat it tomorrow as well :) YUM!

And studying again. Music lessons started today... I'm a bit disappointed because I thought the music lessons would be fun and they actually aren't- we just sang some songs and discussed all the things we need to do in order to complete the course: learning diary, essays, visiting concerts, projects with groups, more essays and exercises... WHERE'S THE FUN PART???

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School outfit

Top & Cardigan: H&M (the cardigan is from a flea market though, it was only 2€ there:)
Shoes: ??
Bag: ??
+ Sneep Dip bag to carry my schoolbooks because the little bag is too small for all the books... I broke the SD bag already, too bad for my plastic bag collection :p Yup, I do collect plastic/other bags that are given free when buying something. I'll show you guys my collection some day ;)

I've had a terrible headache for the whole day... Need more sleep!!!

PSST! The results of the psychology exam arrived today... I got a 9½ when 10 is the best possible!!!! 18 out of 19 points, I'm so happy♥ Especially because I started studying just one day before the exam! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cosmetics from South Korea & Japan

I really needed new cosmetics.. And Asian cosmetics are the best! The only problem is that sometimes the color of them BB creams and foundations are too yellowish for my terribly pale skin and I look like an alien.
I'll introduce my favorites of those when I have time. I did a Finnish exam and completed my artwork at school today. The 4th period of the school year will begin tomorrow, which probably means that I won't have any tests for a couple of weeks. FREEDOM♥ It felt so great to go to library when I actually had a change to borrow and read books, not just study :)

I think many western people connect the name Marie Claire with a magazine, but it's also a cosmetics brand. I bought two products of theirs in Tokyo- a blush and an eyeshadow. I was afraid that the colors won't suit me because they're so glittery, but the colors are also very light so it doesn't look too bad. The price of the products wasn't high either: both of them were 16,00yen (hehe forgive my typos!) which is equal to 16€. Not so high price, especially when the products are good quality :) You can see the products on Marie Claire's website here and here.

PS. My summerjob plans got messed up again because somebody got the job I was looking for... I really need a job, so ideas are welcome!! Maybe I'll move to Helsinki for the summer if I can find a job from there :)

I miss Myeong-Dong so badly..

I already got used to my area, it's such a shame I couldn't stay longer there :/

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hyvin laiska sunnuntai♥

vitaminwater has FINALLY arrived to my local supermarket♥♥♥
I'm supposed to save money now, but how could I? I believe they will stop selling vitaminwater if I stop buying it :p

I almost applied for the coolest summerjob ever. The deadline is tomorrow, and cvs and everything should be in Swedish... I don't have time to translate them, so I had to give up.Too bad, I would have loved that job. Anyway, my second option is good as well, maybe even better. More about that later ;)

And because today is a Lazy Sunday, I decided to dye my hair. I bought this hair dye like 6 months ago, because it was on sale... Okay, I bought three of them. It doesn't change my haircolor much, but it's good for making light root growth less visible.

I'm off to study for a Finnish exam now, byes :)