Sunday, January 29, 2012

29012012 to-do list

Rilakkuma of the month! Sooooo cute♥♥

And here are the to-dos:
- FIND A SUMMERJOB!! I already know what job I'll apply for... I hope I'll get accepted because it's like the coolest job ever. That'd also mean that I'll move away from home for the summer because my workplace would be in Southwest Finland. I'll spend my whole summer working but that doesn't matter to me because the whole thing would be kind of an adventure :)
- Pass all the exams... I know the grades will be poor because I chose too many courses for this period, but I don't mind as long as I'll pass 'em all.
- Send letters after the exams. I haven't had time to do that for a while, so there are tons of letters waiting for reply!
- Start looking for somebody who'd dance with you in the prom. It seems that everybody has their partners already, but I haven't even thought about it yet...
- TIDY YOUR ROOM! It's disgusting.
- Send Valentine's Day cards♥♥
- Buy new school books... They're way too expensive, even the used ones :/
- Arrange a birthday party of some kind!

The weather has been sunny but very cold for the whole week... I love these sunny winter days as long as I can stay inside the house ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I can't believe this!!!! As I told before, I fell in love with Finnair on my way from Paris to Helsinki. Then I saw this video, and I have to say that from now on, Finnair is my favorite airline company;)
I promised not to even dream of traveling for a while... I guess everybody knows if I kept that promise or not. I've lots of travel plans already, but where's the funding? I need to start looking for a summer job :)

And now, I'm off to study again... Swedish exams on Monday and Wednesday!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is what my days look like atm.... BOOOOOORING! Yesterday I did an English exam, and tomorrow I'll have another one. Today I had to complete a "hygiene passport test", and I passed it!! So happy, I thought I wouldn't pass it because I hadn't read the booklet I was supposed to read before taking the test... Oh well, more terrible days ahead. I'll be busy till February 6th, so be aware of that my blog will be quite silent till that :(

Well, that's one of the things that brightens up my busy study days♥ I love special edition things and I love Starbucks, so this one is perfect to me!
Oh I forgot to mention, I saw Sherlock Holmes 2 during the weekend :) I recommend!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A new shirt

I bought it in Harajuku!! I think it's super cute, but a little too cold to wear in the winter :/

Busy days continue... The first exam will be on tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doing my nails

Very basic... I'm not used to do my nails because during my 10 years of piano playing, I had to keep my nails as short as possible. And now I'm trying to get longER nails... Mission Impossible.
PSST. I failed one of my New Year's resolutions: my dear cactus died today.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


SOCKS made by my grandma♥
SHOES artichoke

Busy days continue, part. 123234345467678678....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rilakkuma cell phone strap

Bought it at Narita airport! I love Rilakkuma and I love airports ;)

And some extra... Took this on flight from Helsinki to Oulu! I feel like traveling again, why is there no medicine for such disease called travel fever..? I'd love to buy that.

Monday, January 16, 2012


It's cold and snowy outside... My ears are freezing even when I'm wearing my woolly hat! Well, still waiting for those -30C days, it's been only -10C so far ;)

I should give a speech at school tomorrow. A brief translation of the text:
[ ] the content of my speech is chosen especially for this audience
[ ] with my proficiency
[ ] etc etc etc.
[x] I don't convince them

Sorry, I'm a pessimist...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle

I can't remember many things about the airport because I had traveled for almost 24h before arriving there... I really wanted to try to eat macaron but I couldn't find the shop (and it was 5 in the morning so I suppose it would have been closed anyway).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bangs VS. No Bangs

Should I let my bangs grow?? I'm confused, and here are the reasons:
1. I should let them grow in order to get a nice hairdo at the Vanhojen tanssit. It's the prom for Finnish upper secondary school students. For me it'll be on 2013 spring, but it takes time to grow the bangs longer.. I couldn't find a picture of the hairstyle I want to have at the prom, but one thing is sure: NO SHORT BANGS!
2.  People say short bangs suit me better than long bangs.
3. Short bangs are difficult to keep in shape. *Cut cut cut* TOO MUCH!
4. I've had short bangs for quite a while (3 years?) already. I'd like to try something new!!


I want to go back as soon as I can♥


Buy 3 get 1 free... How could I resist that?? My cosme box is full of BB cream now...

EDIT// Oooooops, I didn't notice this was my 400th post! Wow, my blog is getting old already, so many posts!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Resolution check 1/13

A jewellery box from a Korean friend of mine! Beautiful isn't it? I love the colors and the shine:)
Oh well, that isn't the point of today's post actually. It's been almost two weeks since 2012 begun, so I want to see how many of my resolutions have come true already!! In case you can't remember, here's the post I'm referring to.
And here are the things that have come true already:
1. Don't worry
I haven't been worried enough lately!!! I'm worried about that....;)
9. See a sunset
Seen many of them already! A few really beautiful ones as well.
14. Go to amusement park
I've gone to an amusement park twice this year already...... Everland & Joypolis!
16. Eat something new
So many new foods! Foods abroad & cake made by my grandma. It was good, but I forgot to take a picture.
20. Talk to a stranger
During these 13 days I've talked to many strangers, including a homeless man, Swiss&French travelers and a businessman looking for taxi so that he didn't have to walk 1km...
34. Buy new shoes before Jan 10th
Bought 3 pairs of shoes actually. Well, I extended my promise: I won't go shopping for a year!! Sounds terrible doesn't it?
38. Buy a new cross
I bought a simple one. I lost my previous one at Helsinki-Vantaa before going to Asia :( It was so beautiful, and now there's only the chain left.
46. Grow your nails
 They're not long yet, but longer. I even put some nail polish on them, how unusual...

8/50 DONE!
Not bad, huh? Maybe my resolutions were too easy...

What am I listening to now?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Myeong-dong Cathedral

I was surprised because of the amount of the nuns in Myeong-dong, especially because I had never seen a nun in real life before... Anyway, the cathedral was beautiful!

Some results of a shopping spree in Seoul...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Asukuva piiiiiitkästä aikaa

Haven't posted any outfit pictures for a while, so here's one! The fatty jacket is new, bought in Tokyo. It cost around 70€, and the brand is GAP. It's super warm, but not so pretty...
I suppose I've introduced the other clothes here already: the woolly hat is from H&M as well and the hoodie. I've no idea of the brand or price of the pants, because I bought them such a long time ago. Socks are made by my grandma and the shoes are from Seppälä. A simple outfit as usual... I just went to the library to study today.
Lesson 1: Don't chew gum while taking pictures. Otherwise your face will look odd.

Today's dinner: sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, some raejuusto (it's similar to cottage cheese) and a strawberry-banana smoothie. Healthy but delicious! I didn't make the reindeer dish myself because I was too lazy to, just bought a snap... I should start cooking at home more often!!!!


The flight from Paris to Helsinki was my first flight using Finnair, which is a Finnish airline in case you didn't know. I used to have a strong opinion about Finnair before (I thought it was expensive and not that good), but I had to change my mind.

♥ Stylish
♥ Friendly flight attendants
♥ The food was good
♥ Direct flights from Finland to Asia (cheapest prices to Seoul and Tokyo are 599€ from Helsinki-Vantaa airport)
♥ It's a Finnish company ;)
                                              ♥ A member of the Oneworld airline alliance
♥ Some planes are able to fly higher than regular planes in Europe ---> you can see lots of other planes, and traveling is more comfortable because the plane can avoid turbulence better
• A bit more expensive than KLM for example
• I don't like the flight attendants' new uniforms
• I wish the main hub would be in Oulu instead of Helsinki ;)

Overall, Finnair was a positive surprise for me. I recommend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


At Helsinki-Vantaa airport once again... This feels like my 2nd home already :p Nah just kidding, am I? Anyway, I was shocked when I heard that it's -7C outside. When I left Finland, it was +7C..........
And I just saw the weather forecast and noticed it's -9C in Oulu. And it's snowing... When I left, this place was like Tahiti, so what is it now, the North Pole???

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was surprised when I saw this (and I'm still a bit surprised actually..)
 Maybe it's just that I'm stupid and get excited too easily :)


While staying in South Korea, I visited my friend's house- and ate a Korean dinner there! This is 떡국 i think. Egg, rice cakes, seafood. The taste was very healthy, but good as well. I heard it's eaten during Korean New Year.
Mt first time eating kimchi (cabbage+spice). It was spicy but good!! My friend's mother made really good food, so I ate way too much :D

Lompakkoshoppailua ja vaateshoppailua

A new wallet from MANGO! I love the brand, and the wallet was quite cheap (can't remember the price though, sorry). I was going to buy a MANGO bag as well, but I forgot to buy it, and now I feel that I'm in need of a new bag...

FANTA GRAPE♥♥ My favorite drink, too bad it's not sold in Finland, or at least I've never seen it there :/

Kiinan yllä kenties

What do you think?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Too tired to write, but I think the pics are speakng for themselves:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Normi soulpäivä

Korean VitaminWater! I don't like the taste but I had to drink it so that I wouldn't catch a cold (yea I drink vitamin drinks always when I think I'm cathing a cold:) I love the color though!!

The view from Seoul Green Residence's common room... N Seoul Tower (aka Namsan Tower)!! I wanted to visit it, but choose the wrong day. 31st of December isn't the best day to go to tourist spots in Seoul even if New Year isn't as big deal over there (they celebrate Chinese New Year more) :D

My meal! Bulgogi burger (omnom), milk, and baby bananas!!! They were so cute♥♥

Photography museum

Too bad! Why couldn't I check their website before going... Oh well, I'll go on another day then, because I really want to see that museum!!:)
Tokyo looks so nice on a sunny day♥

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Relax, take it easy...

That's the right attitude :p


The hat is from Everland!!! It was such a cute place:)

The name is way too strange :p And the taste was strange as well! I think it actually tasted like sweat....................

Monday, January 2, 2012

Seoul Green Residence

I had a mini room, but the size was perfect for me! The hotel's location was really good, because it was just 17 floors above a busy shopping street (in Myeong-dong). It took about 5 minutes to walk to the metro station (Euljiro1-ga).

Overall I liked staying there, and the price was really low.
+ the floor was heated♥♥
I recommend this hotel to people who want easy access to shopping (LOTTE dept. store, Noon Square, Myeong-dong underground arcade etc.)
I don't recommend this to light sleepers though, because it was quite noisy from time to time.

What should I do today... I think I have a fever but I don't feel as terrible as yesterday. Maybe I should go and find a pharmacy? Many of them are closed because of the New Year, though.

Finally; New Year's Resolutions! (50 of them, how many will I make true?)

1. Don't worry...
2. Be happy!
3. Help people in need
4. Surprise somebody  (a surprise party, gift or something)
5. Go hiking
6. Stay alone at our summerhouse
7. Catch a salmon
8. Go to beach at night
9. See a sunset
10. And a sunrise
11. Study more...
12. But remember to relax!
13. Go to spa
14. And amusement park
15. Wake somebody up at night just to say something random
16. Eat something you've never eaten before
17. Wear funnt clothes
18. Learn to read & write Hangul
19. Design your room
20. Talk to a stranger

21. Learn to play poker
22. Keep your cactus alive
23. After Jan 10th, don't go shopping fpr clothes before the summer vacation begins (if possible:)
24. Throw cake to somebody's face
25. Cry
26. Find out what your blood type is
27. Go to Tervahiihto ski event
28. Get up at 16:00
29. Concentrate on your handwriting
30. Give somebody a coffee

(I got this coffee for free from somebody in Seoul:)

31. Practice singing
32. Try different make-up style
33. Have a memorable Christmas
34. Buy new shoes before Jan 10th!!!
35. Remember to use Skype and MSN, but cut the time spent on Facebook
36. Run 10km
37. Learn to do your hair better
38. Buy a new cross
39. Have your regular "loner days"
40. Sleep on the floor
41. Get a new, good, friend
42. Think before you talk
43. Take more pictures
44. Read a book in Swedish
45. Swim in the sea
46. Grow your nails
47. Make a sad person smile
48. Order pizza to home
49. Don't take this list too seriously
50. Just make this the best year of your life♥♥