Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School outfit

Top & Cardigan: H&M (the cardigan is from a flea market though, it was only 2€ there:)
Shoes: ??
Bag: ??
+ Sneep Dip bag to carry my schoolbooks because the little bag is too small for all the books... I broke the SD bag already, too bad for my plastic bag collection :p Yup, I do collect plastic/other bags that are given free when buying something. I'll show you guys my collection some day ;)

I've had a terrible headache for the whole day... Need more sleep!!!

PSST! The results of the psychology exam arrived today... I got a 9½ when 10 is the best possible!!!! 18 out of 19 points, I'm so happy♥ Especially because I started studying just one day before the exam! :)


  1. I love the bag! ^_*
    I will post new photos from my shopping next...

  2. Thanks:) I'm waiting forward to your shopping post already!!