Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roses are red.. PINK!

My fever is gone now so I went back to school... To do a nationvide economics test! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be so I'm very glad!
Tomorrow I'll go shopping a bit, I'm trying to find Skikes! I hope they're sold here, it would be annoying (and expensive) to order them! And I should save money for Berlin :(
About shopping, I must confess that...

... I bought a new bag again! I haven't made posts about the one(s) I bought before ^^'
Anyway, I had to buy a new school bag and that cost less than 50€! A perfect deal!

I have so many plans for the weekend! As I told before, I'll go shopping on Friday. On Saturday I go skiing if I don't feel sick anymore (Okay okay, feeling a bit sick doesn't matter, I want to go skiing NOWNOWNOWNOW!). And on Sunday I'll go to library to read some magazines... AND I should study for my English and maths exams. And tidy my room up! And send some letters and and and.... Okay I'll stop now :D


  1. Ihana laukku, me likes ♥

  2. Aww, nice bag!
    I really have to buy one myself, sigh -.-'
    Oh but I g2g to school now

  3. Kiitos! Kerranki löysin semmosen laukun josta oikeesti tykkään nii nyt ihan mielissään ku ei tarvi mitään vanhaa rähjää raahata mukana :D

    Thank youuuu :)
    Haha I hate buying bags too... It would be nice but it's so hard to find a bag that I like!