Sunday, August 14, 2011

Viikonlopun kiirekiirepostaus

Here it is, the new hair color... TOO REDDISH! Well, even professional hairdressers say that it's extremely hard to change my hair to non-reddish(?), so maybe this color is just fine :)

Yesterday was a busy day, because I needed to buy some high school books. They cost 140€ because I found only one used book (it was 10€, how cheap♥). The other books were ~20€ each... I also needed to cover them with plastic, because I plan to sell the books when I don't need them anymore (€€€€!!!). The only problem is that some of the books might be too old for sale when I graduate :(

In the evening I went to gym and exercised for 2 hours as always. I've improved so much, because just a few weeks ago I was able to manage 30kg on adductor muscle thing(?) Anyway, now I can do 50kg, and the max is 60! So only 10kg left :D

What was I looking at? I seem so focused haha :D


  1. Did you get perm?? The wave is nice!! :) Aaand you really seem to like to go to the gym. I have to learn from you and follow you...I'm thinking about going to the gym... want to lose weight :p ! bye now :D

  2. haha noooooo! my hair is naturally wavy ;)
    i think going to gym is not a good plan if you want to lose weight, because at gym you lose fat + gain muscle so the weight may remain the same! but gymming tones body very well :D