Monday, August 8, 2011

Pili pili pom

A typical rainy day of mine:
• Playing The Sims 2
• Reading Donald Duck magazines that my aunt gave me years ago (from 2002!)
+ plenty of chocolate
++ Watching Disney theme parks' websites... Hopeless dreams♥
+++ Napping all day long
Oww, I feel so terrible now... Too much food + no exercise + rain + school starts soon = disaster !!!
(If you read yesterday's post, you may wonder why I didn't go to the Red Cross meeting, the only reason is that it's not today, it's tomorrow... That's what happens when I'm on vacation, I just forget everything! Luckily I have a new school calendar now so I can start writing all the important things down again)
So, here's the plan for tomorrow:
7 o'clock in the morning a plumber comes to our house to fix the leaking radiator. And I should dye my hair before that (I'm afraid something goes wrong and our shower won't work anymore which would mean that I'd have to go to school with my lovely orange hair on the first day!!!! So, my goal is to wake up at 6). If the fixing takes longer than 1,5 hours, I need to stay at home to help/observe him because my dad has to go to work.
When the plumber has finished fixing the radiator, I must hurry to the flea market to fill my table with clothes & CDs and all other things that I want to sell. I have about 4 weeks left, and after that I'll stop keeping the table. The Red Cross meeting will be at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and at 5 I should be in the city centre in order to do some shopping with my best friend. I have nothing to buy though... And no money. Well, maybe I can get some notebooks or sth. In the evening I go to gym to exercise a bit. Luckily I can enter the gym 5.30am - 10.30pm with the card I purchased, so it doesn't matter if window shopping takes a long time.

I forgot to post the picture of the calendar last month, so you can see it at the top of the post. The funny thing about July's page is that there's a watermelon in it. You may wonder why I consider it funny, but here's a little story from my childhood:
When I was ~11 years old, one of my classmates had just started to learn Japanese. I also knew some words in it, but she obviously knew a lot more than me. She asked me if I knew what スイカ (Suika, watermelon) is, and I didn't know, sho she told me. I thought I was stupid because I didn't know what it was, so I still remember that word ;)

Sorry for writing such a long post today! But as a matter of fact, I also have a poll to you guys. Please comment me which one of them you prefer:
1. Long posts with lots of text and pictures
2. Short posts, pictures and just a few words
3. Only pictures
4. Only text (HAHA NO WAY!)

The picture above is what I found when I cleaned the house:
A case of cough drops, Best Before 1979 December... A treasure♥


  1. the スイカ is loved!
    it is a lovely calendar of Japan♡
    2:) I like sentences of Kata and photographs

  2. kinako, thank you so much :)