Monday, April 9, 2012


It's spring and I'm not busy, so I started to change my habits to the healthier way. I still have time to get into some sort of bikini shape before the summer holidays... But I need some hard work (an less treats:)!! I'm not very keen on losing weight, but getting my muscles back... They have vanished :(
So, what's the easiest way to get some muscle? Going to the gym of course!! So I bought a gym card of two months. Normally the gym card costs 95€/month, but I got it for 88€/2 months. Great deal isn't it? They also told me that if I want to continue my membership there after that two months, I'll get the summer months for free!

I bet the smart ones noticed already- my "new" lifestyle means that I'll make more posts considering health from now on, I hope everybody's fine with that :) I won't forget the other posts either, so just skip the boring parts! Stay tuned ;)


  1. Hey Kata! I'm going for the healthier way too! Haha. Good luck!
    Jogging + some fitness here I come!
    What you have in your cup seems really good by the way... Do you put something else in it?

  2. I also decided to go healthier too!
    I was going smoothly until I had a family trip - sweets help me with traveling, so I splurged... -.-
    But I'm getting back in to the healthy spirit! ^^

  3. Jeremy: Heeeey!:)
    Good luck to you as well! Hopefully we'll succeed in our great health plans..
    Sure, plain nuts an raisins would have tasted quite boring. There's also some yoghurt and mango in the cup!
    Btw, where's your blog?? Don't tell me you deleted it :o

  4. Josephine:
    Really? That's great!! We can do it for sure :D

  5. Mango! So yummy!
    I'm so impressionable... I just bought muesli and some dried fruits at the shop this afternoon... Hopefully in this case, i'm impressionable but in the good way! haha.
    Yes I deleted it... But! I'm building a new one with photos and music this time! :)

  6. Yupp! But muesli and dried fruits doesn't seem bad either.. Especially dried papaya is goooood :)
    I saw your new blog! Very nice, I'm looking forward to see your posts!