Monday, March 12, 2012

På loppis

Here's the flea market post that I promised to make! Sorry for the bad pics though, I couldn't take my big camera there so I just took some pics with my cellphone :)
+ I added some random pics from the past few days.. Sorry, I know how bad the quality is!!

Hopefully you all had a nice day ;)
Ps. I still don't know how to turn those photos when posting from my cellphone ! Any ideas??


  1. To rotate that kind of picture, any little free photo editor, such as XnView or IrfanView, will do the trick (or Preview if you're on a Mac). Or you can use if you don't feel like installing anything.

    PS: I got here from your IP profile and just thought I'd share that information. Hope it is helpful! :)

  2. hehe thank you so much:)!! i'll try that!

  3. Toi sun raitapaitas on niin ihana ♥