Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When the sky was clear

My first attempt to photograph the sky (I don't have a wide-angle lens though, so the result could have been better if I had that lens...) Well, it's too late to say that now! I took the pic in our summerhouse, which is far away from cities = no light disturbing the pic. I took ~5 pics (each pic took 30s) standing there on the mooring while the wind was blowing freezingly :(
By the way, if you look close enough, you can see a narrow line on the sky. Is it a satellite or something??

PS. Once again, I can't comment/reply to comments because Blogspot says that it causes an error... :<


  1. Brilliant photograph, I've never managed to get a clear picture of the sky, not even in Norway :(

  2. Draconid meteor shower tonight ! 17:00 pm GMT & 20h00 pm GMT are the best time apparently.

  3. Thanks :)!! Haha, that's possible ~120km from any city, try that ;)

    I didn't see any, but my friends saw two of them! We didn't spend a long time outside though... Did you see any meteors??

  4. It was so cloudy and rainy I couldn't see anything :/

  5. Yes ! I hope the next one (like this) in 40 years will happen with a clear sky :D
    I don't want to pollute all your posts with my comments so I'm telling you here : The photos of your last message (15.10.2001) are awesome too !

  6. Haha hopefully! Otherwise you'll be disappointed forever ;)
    Thanks! Glad you liked them :D