Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kouluhommaa ja reenihommaa

Just some stuff I found while cleaning my room.
At first, here's the health update from yesterday:
I spent 2 hours at gym :) 1 hour indoor cycling, 45min weight training and 15min flexing. I'm really pleased about that workout, because I got to train all the muscle groups I wanted, and it wasn't too hard either.

Meiji chocolate, omnomnomnomn... Don't worry, that photo was taken a long time ago, I didn't slip from my healthy routine now ;)

And here's the school update:
I got an invitation for an entrance exam in Helsinki! That means I'll visit Helsinki after a few weeks, how awesome is that?? In case I haven't told it here yet, I'll probably move to Helsinki during the summer♥ So, I'm looking for an apartment at the moment... It's so difficult to find a cheap but good apartment! :s

And new cosmetics! I haven't tried the Aussie stuff yet, but the Vaseline body lotion was good, like all Vaseline products tend to be :)

PS. 19,000 pageviews (even though the flag counter on the side--->
doesn't agree:D)... Thank you anyway♥♥


  1. you are growing up my dear...looking for an appartment: WISH YOU SO MUCH LUCK for it!!!

    19000 pageviews, congrads, I think 1000 of them is my click on your blog ^_*
    You deserve that sweety, I enjoy your blog and every single post!!!!
    Keep going on!!!

    1. Thanks Yuna!!! Your comments always brighten my day up!!:)

  2. Your health plan is huge! Nice!
    Good luck to find your apartment! This is not easy...

    1. Yup! Hopefully I'll get some results as well, because being healthy with no results would be annoying :D
      Nah, I'd prefer to call it "Mission Impossible"! Cheap+good isn't a good combination..