Monday, May 16, 2011

Vaatekaapista löytynyttä...

A shirt that I bought in Japan in 2009, but haven't worn before (WHYYYYYY????)! Now I found it again and fell in love with it♥ It's from LIZ LISA and it cost about 40€. I'm going to wear it 24/7 in the summeeeeer!!!

Changed my winter scarf (that black one) into a spring one! I've had that one since 7th grade but I still like it ;)

WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!! Congratulations to our team♥


  1. So beautiful!!!
    Thanks for your visit and comments!

  2. MI ESTILO DIA A DIA: Thank youu :)
    Pablo: You're welcome!

  3. tuo mekko on täysin pure love ♥ :_:

  4. kiitoskiitos! ite ihan mielissään ku satuin löytään ton :D