Monday, February 6, 2012

Cosmetics from South Korea & Japan

I really needed new cosmetics.. And Asian cosmetics are the best! The only problem is that sometimes the color of them BB creams and foundations are too yellowish for my terribly pale skin and I look like an alien.
I'll introduce my favorites of those when I have time. I did a Finnish exam and completed my artwork at school today. The 4th period of the school year will begin tomorrow, which probably means that I won't have any tests for a couple of weeks. FREEDOM♥ It felt so great to go to library when I actually had a change to borrow and read books, not just study :)

I think many western people connect the name Marie Claire with a magazine, but it's also a cosmetics brand. I bought two products of theirs in Tokyo- a blush and an eyeshadow. I was afraid that the colors won't suit me because they're so glittery, but the colors are also very light so it doesn't look too bad. The price of the products wasn't high either: both of them were 16,00yen (hehe forgive my typos!) which is equal to 16€. Not so high price, especially when the products are good quality :) You can see the products on Marie Claire's website here and here.

PS. My summerjob plans got messed up again because somebody got the job I was looking for... I really need a job, so ideas are welcome!! Maybe I'll move to Helsinki for the summer if I can find a job from there :)


  1. lucky one!!! So many cosmetics...want to have them all too!!!!

  2. I also have the marie claire's eyeshadow :D I guess you may have typed the cost mistakenly... it would be 1600 yen as 16000 is too high!!! :p

  3. oh thanks for noticing me!! of course it's 1600!!! i always had troubles with those price things, because in korea it would have been 16000 and in japan one less zero... too difficult for my little brain ;)