Sunday, May 22, 2011


I feel like a superhero right now, did so much sport yesterday (3 hours, that's a lot to me!) and my muscles are not even hurting! Tervahiihto, here I come!!!

A school outfit, bit too boring but I blame my room for that, it's still a mess so I can't find more clothes... Oh well, I have almost emptied it already! Even gave some books away! And planning to sell some clothes that I bought in Japan, especially one skirt that cost 90€ and I have NEVER worn it...

Ha, playing with PhotoScape... I'd really need Photoshop (we have the 232463634634636345 years old version and I can't use it), but it's so expensive that I prefer using free software ;)
New shoes....again? I had to buy them, seriously! Remember the grey ones I bought for Berlin? They're almost broken already... No wonder why they cost only 10€♥ But at least I learnt something from that, so these shoes are a bit more expensive, 25€ ;D


  1. Thank you for showing a nice picture:^)
    I would also like to come!

  2. I love the black and white photo:)!!