Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Borrowed some random CDs from the library but for some reason they didn't work on my laptop...

Civics exam today! I shouldn't worry because I got good grades from 3 earlier civics exams but of course I worry, it's a common habit already ;)

I quit taking piano lessons last week. It was really hard because I've been playing the piano for 10 years!! When I was younger I hated it and never practiced, and when I learnt to love it, I didn't have time to practice enough because of school and hobbies... Such a sad thing! I gave those chocolates to my piano teacher, hopefully she liked them :)

And nooooow, I'm off to eat some porridge and run to school... Have a nice day everybody♥


  1. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! i played piano for 10 years too :) now i just play for fun but i used to play very seriously. for fun is much better :)

    <3 pandaphilia

  2. i agree, playing the piano for fun is a lot better!! but can't help it, i just miss the piano lessons so much :(