Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At the airport

5:44am Sitting in the Oulunsalo airport now... The airports in northern Germany are closed but our flight goes to Helsinki first and we'll hear more about the situation there! Sorry for sending a post without pictures, I'm just too bored to sit here at the airport so I got to write something! Well, hopefully we can go to Berlin but a flight to another city would be fine as well :)

7:50am We're in Helsinki now! The flight was a bit late but we still have time to wait... Helsinki-Berlin flight is not canceled... yet!

11:38am Don't know if I should cry or laugh... The flight to Berlin got canceled....

7:31pm We're in Istanbul now, can't believe that... The city is beautiful :)

26/5/2011 5:35am Good morning Istanbul! We're planning to go to the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia today. The weather was lovely yesterday, I hope it'll be like that today as well!


  1. Oh my god! are you in Istanbul now!?... have fun:)!!!

  2. Yeah, we were in Istanbul!! It was so cool but now we must wait 10 hours in the airport which is super boring :(

  3. Good evening!
    It comes back taking care:)

  4. That sounds exciting! I hope you have a great time there. Traveling sounds tons of fun, just not the wait for flights, hehe.

  5. Oohlalaa, Istanbulissa!
    Saitteko lennot ihan ilmaseksi sen Saksan lennon korvaukseksi vai? : )

  6. kinako: Good evening to you as well:)
    Jay: I had good time in Istanbul indeed! It was just a bit too boring to wait over 12 hours for the flight!
    crt: Ei ku ihan erikseen varattiin, mutta nyt sitten soitellaan lentoyhtiölle niitä Saksan lennon rahoja takasi :D