Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strawberries and a donut-like thing (munkki in Finnish, if anybody knows the correct name in English, please inform me, this uncertainty is terrible;)
Well anyway, I'm not going to talk about food or anything like that! Okay okay just a few words about health&food today, everybody check this! Best Before Paranoia, sounds kinda familiar...

But seriously, that wasn't the point of the post, I have something serious to talk about ;) If you're not interested in politics, just skip thiiiiiiis!
So, if you've watched the news lately, you probably know about Portugal's money problems. Well if you don't, then search the information from the net, I'm just too lazy to explain the whole thing :D
I used to think that we really should help Portugal, as it's a part of the EU and also because of that we should try to help the people in need. But the following things changed my mind a bit:
1. They have gold worth of $17.6bn. Shouldn't they sell their own gold before getting money from other countries who have problems as well?
2. If we want to loan money to Portugal, we should take more loan too. And guess what happens then? A rat race! We take loan from others who have taken loan from somebody else etc etc etc.
3. They actually made a video to show what we should know about them. Telling things like
''Portugal used the Finnish flag 800 years before Finland''
''James Bond was invented in Portugal''
''Our Ronaldo is better than the Brazilian Ronaldo''
And at last but not least:
''One of the largest volunteer campaigns ever in Portugal was in 1940. We collected tons of clothes and cereals to support another peripheral, poor and starving country. This country was Finland.''
I checked the information from the net, and according to this site they gave us 19902 boxes of sardines, 956 boxes of onions, 157 boxes of fish, 27 boxes of pineapple and skis, hot water pouches and pullovers. Thank you, Portugal (I don't want to sound sarcastic, just honestly want to thank them..). But another thing I discovered is that all that was worth of 200000€, and we should loan them 1.4billion euros, 1400000000€! Isn't that just a few euros more than their donation?

What do you think? Should we give the money to Portugal? In my opinion, they definitely haven't earned it, but we should be charitable. And discuss about the terms of the loan, we shouldn't give money without rules.

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