Monday, May 23, 2011

Lentokaaos taas kerran?

Problems with Iceland's volcanoes again...
The airspace should be still open on Wednesday when we go to Berlin, let's see how it goes... It would be ok to spend a few extra days in Berlin if the airspace gets closed while we're there ;)
Oh anyway, that wasn't the main topic of today's post! I just wanted to post some photos from Spain trip 2010 and the photos that were taken in the airplane suit the situation quite well...
The weather was cloudy for almost the whole flight but between France and Spain the clounds went away  for a while. This is France I guess.
And the Pyrenees! They are just a bit different than the Scandinavian Mountains :p


  1. These photos are beautiful! I love looking out the window while on a plane. The view is always so dreamy. :)

  2. love travelling instead of bad weather

  3. V: Thanks! I love that as well, the views are so awesome, especially at night!!
    jooyunjunk: You're welcome:)
    tupersonalshopperviajero: Haha me too :D