Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perinteinen ruokapostaus + punapää

It's watching you........... Scary isn't it??

Recently I've eaten way too much porridge! It just tastes so good...

My red hair is back again!! And no, I didn't dye it, my hair just always becimes red in the summer... Well, when I didn't dye my hair dark brown, it used to be ORANGE in the summer :S It's kinda strange that it's really hard for me to get suntan, but immediately when the sun is visible, my hair becomes red :p


  1. thanks you for your comment! you are always welcome!

  2. ooh, sulle sopii ihan mielettömän hyvin punaset hiukset :_:

  3. Missindiferencia: No problem!
    crt: Kiitti! Ite en tykkää yhtään joten kesät on ainaista tappelua noitten kanssa...:D