Saturday, May 7, 2011


Weeks ago, I bought some ingredients to make Japanese curry. The recipe is simple, you just need the curry paste, rice, some meat (like pork or chicken) and onions/carrots/potatoes/etc.

This is the recipe I used:
800g pork
Curry paste
5 small onions
1 carrot
Cherry tomatoes

1. Cut the meat into smaller pieces and chop the onions
2. Stir the meat and onions until the onions are a bit brown (3min)
(2½. Add carrots, potatoes etc.)
3.Add about 1,5 litre of water
4.Boil and then raduce the heat. Cover and let it simmer until the meat is ready (15min)
5. Add the curry paste and wait until it has melt completely (5min)
6. Serve with rice (I also used cherry tomatoes and cucumber)

TIP: About the curry paste, it can be found in Asian food shops;)


  1. I love Japanese curry! Especially the ones from the box that you can make yourself. It beats paying $10 at a restaurant that serves curry. Great job making the curry. It looks delicious! :]

  2. Me too! But western-style curry is kinda delicious as well :)