Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ostolakossa tosiaanki...

I wasn't supposed to buy anything before we go to Berlin but I just HAD TO buy a white shirt for the 9th graders party which will be held tomorrow! And besides that, I also need a white shirt for my summer job so... And it cost only 7€!

Studying and studying and studying... NO MORE STUDYING! I finished the last exam of the 9th grade today!!!! 6 days to Berlin and a couple of weeks to summer vacation♥♥♥

A shirt I found at the same time as I found the LIZ LISA shirt... Why do I have so many forgotten clothes in my closet? :D


  1. Hope your exam went good !
    I tried your Banana&Chocolate Milkshake, not as good as the Banana&Vanilla one ! Maybe I did it wrong...
    Have a nice trip in Berlin ;)

  2. Hmm I should try banana&vanilla then, maybe it tastes even better than banana&chocolate ;D