Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post from Japan! So cute, thank you Aoi :)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I went to downtown to do some shopping and study... But came back with a new idea! Too bad I'm not going to tell it for a long time!! But as a tip I can say that it's something about high school and foreign countries... And 3,5 years ;)

OHNOOO I have to write very quickly now because I'm really hungry and seeing these pics doesn't help me at all haha :D
Well anyway, that PowerCow thing... Nothing special. Prawn chips, DELICIOUS! I have eaten them before as well, but this was the first time I found them in Finland (still loving that Asian food shop in Oulu, visited them again on yesterday)!

I also visited on my mom's make-up pouch... And found this! Too bad she wanted this back, but she gave me another (and in my opinion, a lot better,) mascara. Will introduce it later :)

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